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  1. Sassy5d

    ED Nurse Residency programs in OH

    Cleveland clinic
  2. Sassy5d

    "Holiday/year end" gift

    There's always time to go back to school and become a doc or PA so you don't get any more ice scrapers!
  3. Sassy5d


    Yes we stay in for 12 hours. My Place does not tend to utilize triage protocol orders like labs. Sometimes I order streps and urines
  4. Just venting. How the universe can be thrown out of tilt simply by the staff member you are taking over for... And it takes you sometimes hours to dig yourself out of the trenches..
  5. Sassy5d

    Stroke vs overdose

    I hope I never have to be placed in that position again. But I looked it up, intoxication is not an exclusion or reason not to give TPA.. I was uncomfy.
  6. Sassy5d

    Stroke vs overdose

    How about TPA for a person with Alcohol level over 400? That was my oddest. I wouldn't have thought acute stroke
  7. Sassy5d

    Fix me NOW (but on my terms or I'll leave AMA)

    Tonight it was we were the best hosp ever cuz we didnt have 6 hour wait times..
  8. Sassy5d

    Rules for Triage

  9. Sassy5d

    shotgun knowledge from emergency geniuses

    Lactic doesn't always indicate infection. First draw is your baseline. 2nd draw indicates if your interventions are helping. If you wait to draw lactic, and say it's 4. That info is more helpful if it's higher or lower than your first draw. No idea why it's iced. Along with ammonia.
  10. Sassy5d

    Emergency room RN minimums in Texas

    Any time/any part of nursing, if you drop staffing.. They are going to freak. Safety concerns much? Sheesh, I bet those dumb nurses really complain when you lecture on core measures and patient satisfaction.. Oh, btw, that doesn't do much for your job security when your department tanks on all levels.. Treat your staff poorly, they perform poorly. Who gets fired?
  11. Sassy5d

    Rules for Triage

    I'll take all the fluffy cc.. Just eliminate the dramatic pts who come to the window and act like they are dying so I get them back quick. I have yet to master the 'art' of really sick vs dramatic
  12. Sassy5d

    Becoming an independent RN

    Carestar.com Become a provider.
  13. Sassy5d

    Let's check everything!

    Isn't it ironic though, that it seems to work this way... Pt x comes in with vague complaints. They don't get a work up. Give em some po meds and watch em. They feel better and go home. 3 days later, they return, get a full work up and bam, they are being transferred for a sub dural bleed.
  14. Sassy5d

    Cyclic vomiters (drive me up the wall)

    Every cyclic vomiter i've ever taken care of smoked large quantities of weed. I've yet to take care of one who wasn't demanding of pain meds. It is what it is and working in ER keeps me humble. Thank goodness I'm not the one on the gurney
  15. Sassy5d

    Struggling with ED Orientation, advice appreciated

    You're only in your 3rd week of orientation. I would put in a full year before you make a choice. It's amazing how far you come.. How you go from hating/feeling overwhelmed to loving/breezing through
  16. Sassy5d

    Like a scene from 'MASH'...

    From 3p on we are packed to the rafters.

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