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  1. 2016 Salary thread

    Central FL, charge nurse in ED with 5 years experience. BSN, CEN. $28 base with 20% night diff, no diff for weekends. No bump in pay for BSN or CEN. I'm told compression raises due in April... but I'm not holding my breath. Nonunion, not for profi...
  2. Sepsis

    Most of our docs stick with 1-2 litres as a bolus, and I have given 8 litres before. Our cardio and infectious disease docs agree, give more fluid and place BIPAP if you are causing HF or respiratory distress. Has anyone else noticed once you star...
  3. Input about gastroparesis

    Have any of the above posters tried high doses of high quality probiotics? Like 500 billion+ a day as a maintenance regimen?
  4. Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome

    How 'bout some Zofran ODT and a sandwich?
  5. How to treat?

    If the patient is truly recovering from their addiction, you should not give opiates because they are an addict, and the patient should state that as well, having known first-hand. You will just substitute one addiction for another. Give tylenol and ...
  6. Patients who want to be admitted for minor things

    I once admitted a woman with a dx of morbid obesity.
  7. HCA salary

    My advice would be to RUN AWAY from HCA facilities. They have terrible management and treat their nurses like dog doo-doo. I worked for an HCA facility in South Florida, the ED was a joke (the rumor was most of the ED staff used cocaine and CCC's to ...
  8. Case study: emergent penis ring removal

    We did try using gauze wrap around his penis and testicles while he was sedated with etomidate to try to compress and push some blood back to his core, but that just made his HR jump to 130's and made him very uncomfortable.
  9. Case study: emergent penis ring removal

    The latter.
  10. Case study: emergent penis ring removal

    No urology coverage for over a month. If the Dremel didn't work he was going to try either injecting neosynephrine at the source or aspirating some blood out. I have seen priaprism reversed on a 24 year old by urology after doing a local block with l...
  11. 51 year old male with a very large metal cock ring that was purchased a few sizes too small. He put it on and had a solid erection for 4+ hours PTA. No other medical history. This is what we did: 1: Ice packs 2: Ice bath for penis and testicles 3: Co...
  12. How does your ED handle stocking

    Our techs stock throughout the shift, with nursing staff helping as well. The techs never stock too well so I usually end up stocking my own assignment.
  13. Is anyone using Cerner in their ER?

    We use Cerner, more specifically FirstNet which ports into and works with Powerchart, which is the floor charting program. It could definitely be better, compared to other programs I have used. The most frustrating thing is the monthly downtimes for ...
  14. Full moon

    My VDay at work included a 24 year old that swallowed 75 tabs of APAP and a 50 year old with a surprise STEMI that was in the waiting room for 2 hours.
  15. CEN as a New Grad

    Employers look for experience more than certifications, and you definitely need some good​ experience before taking CEN.