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"I was raped by an octopus." "I have severe, severe, severe, SEVERE, SEVERE cold sores!" (five severes, I counted. And one cold sore visible.) Discuss.... Read More

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    Quote from KentuckyNurseKim
    Had to share... Had a f/m ring the videophone in the ambulance bay last shift. Asked how I could help. States, "I think my Mother-In-Law might have passed away in the car." 0.0. Grab a couple pairs if hands and sprint out to find her a hair's breadth from death, no response to painful stimuli, shallow, agonal resps, hardly any palpable pulse, blue as a fish, bladder release. Family calm as can be. Don't know how, but we kept her going. Posturing while we worked. Grabbed all the newbies to come work her because they usually do not get to come in on a code when they are busy elsewhere. Vented her and sent to the ICU. Good teamwork in our little ER. Bell ring to bed with IVs x 3, vent, NG, F/c, labs, levophed, bolusing NS in 10 minutes or so.
    Wow that's ultra impressive... 10 minutes?!? I'm in awe.
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    Quote from SweetMelissaRN

    Wow that's ultra impressive... 10 minutes?!? I'm in awe.
    Probably shoulda clarified that she wasn't in ICU in that time... Sounded kinda silly when I reread that.., rephrase to say all the ER stabilizing done... And it was a REALLY slow day... We were a little bored, so enjoyed having something EMERGENT to do! . It was one of those ultra rare times when there were plenty of hands on deck, resp was handy, X-ray handy, pharmacy on the ball.. The stars were in alignment. Never happen again in a million...
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    Pt tells registration girl (who is a complete dumb butt) she bleeding...the board says "vaginal bleeding after intercourse. We're all think ok sure...triage nurse come out of said pt's room with a funny look. We all said "what??" I look in pt's room and see 2 women...about that time the nurse says "they were using a damn cucumber..."! Pt had a lac and bleed a lot and ended up in the OR. It was a rather interesting night lol

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    those are funny.

    now I did take my 8 yo daughter to the ER at 11pm after she told me she accidently swallowed a LEGO. ( I wanted to make sure she didn't aspirate it as she was goin in to hyseterics crying and asking if she was gonna die from swallowing a Lego). Peice of mind for me and reassurance for her. the triage nurse just chuckled.
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    All that popped up was 'he said he was an a--' and what it was about was he said he was assaulted. Good chuckle
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    ^ omg that's great! Lol
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    Paraphrased for simplicity:

    Pt. I think I have a kidney stone.
    Me. Describe your pain.
    Pt. Vague, diffuse, mild.
    Me. ?? Have you ever had a kidney stone before?
    Pt. No.
    Me. What makes you think you have one now?
    Pt. I have a diagnosed staph infection in my ear, and I read on the internet that staph infections can cause kidney stones.
    Me. (to myself) If your ear infection caused a kidney stone, you must have a Eustation tube longer than my..., well, it'd be pretty long.
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    Patient comes in via EMS. CC? They ate Chinese food an hour ago and felt like rice was stuck in their throat. Breathing just fine. The things people call EMS for...
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    Quote from diosadelsol
    "I think I'm butt-pregnant" - was concerned after having sex via the out door. Not very intelligence, to say the least.
    Oh NO!! This one kills me!! Sounds like they needed the film "where do babies come from" again. I'm still laughing about that one!!

    Anne, RNC
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