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NICUmiiki has 7 years experience as a DNP, NP and specializes in Neonatal Nurse Practitioner.

I graduated high school in 2008. I started college, had my son in Oct. 2008, and was a non-stop college student until I graduated nursing school. I decided to work towards becoming a nurse in January 2012 by enrolling in an LPN program. Then, I transferred because I already knew I was going to be an RN and doing LPN first would slow my journey by 2 or more years. I began an RN program and a new job as an ER Tech in Spring 2013, graduated in May 2015, and began working in an NICU. I started my Neonatal Nurse Practitioner program Summer 2018 and graduated in May 2021.

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  1. It's not really. Beyond the normal stresses of standing, walking, and sitting (which any could cause problems when not done properly or when not properly supported), it's nowhere close to the amount of strain incurred with adults. The majority of you...
  2. NICUmiiki

    Challenges of working in the NICU?

    I never thought fussy babies to be that big of a challenge. There are swings, pacifiers, etc. Plus, between feeds you can usually hold them. They also tend to find friends (other RNs, techs, cuddlers, hopefully family, etc.), so they don't usually cr...
  3. NICUmiiki

    How does your hospital do this? Newborn Assessment Nurse

    Our hospital actually doesn't have a problem keeping it staffed. It's got a waiting list of M/B nurses who'd like to train into the role.
  4. NICUmiiki

    Blood Pressure Assessments

    Sorry. Infants classified as Level 2 (intermediate care) or Level 3 (intensive care).
  5. NICUmiiki

    NCC-LRN and new NCC-NIC. Do I let my LRN certification go?

    I’m not familiar enough with LRN to answer. It may be preferred in a lower risk nursery IDK. I really was interested in babyNP’s decision because NNP-BC really does encompass RNC-NIC.
  6. NICUmiiki

    Pre-Boards Title

    You aren’t an NNP yet so you can’t use that title. But now that you graduated, you’re free to use the DNP in place of BSN (your degrees). You can’t replace your RN licensure until you’re actually licensed as an APRN. Im in the same situation. ...
  7. NICUmiiki

    NCC-LRN and new NCC-NIC. Do I let my LRN certification go?

    What makes you keep both? I wasn’t planning on renewing the RNC-NIC since it expires after I’ll obtain the NNP-BC. I figured that if I maintain the NNP-BC forever, even if I for some reason work as an RN, it’s still a magnet certification in itself.
  8. NICUmiiki

    How does your hospital do this? Newborn Assessment Nurse

    So our (high volume, it’s normal to have 20-30 births per day) hospital has a transition nursery. There is a physical location, but it’s more of a home base for the transition nurses. Occasionally, well-babies who are teetering the line will be obser...
  9. NICUmiiki

    Blood Pressure Assessments

    Ideally in an upper extremity.... L2: once daily L3: twice daily Anything beyond that is ordered by the provider for cause.
  10. NICUmiiki

    How did you decide?

    I started a FNP program. Realized I hated clinics, and adults, so.... I switched to NNP before I was too far in because I was having negative emotions about leaving the NICU also. I have no regrets yet. And much better paying job offers than I w...
  11. NICUmiiki


    I use the Core Bundle. First, I started in the question book. When I came across a question I didn't know, then I went to the Core Curriculum book and studied the topic. Trying to study the entire CC book was overwhelming to me. I only took 2 weeks t...
  12. NICUmiiki

    RNC-NIC results

    I got a print out right after the test, but I've heard that they've stopped doing that now. Not official news, just what others have told me.
  13. NICUmiiki

    FNP no longer allowed to practice inpatient

    The state board of nursing probably has wording in one of the laws pertaining to NPs regarding practicing within your scope. If you have no formal education in the acute care setting, you aren't really practicing within your scope. My state is strict...
  14. NICUmiiki

    Typhon to find clinical sites?

    Typhon’s purpose really isn’t for finding preceptors. That’s more of a side effect. The previous students input their preceptors and once you have access you can see a list of previously used preceptors. You still have to contact them, determine if t...
  15. NICUmiiki

    NP clinical experience disrupted by COVID-19?

    Have the accrediting boards announced any exceptions? If they let you graduate without the minimum number of hours, I'd think that you wouldn't be able to get certified and licensed in most states.