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  1. IrishErin

    difference between a PSW and a LPN

    I'm sure that the lines can become blurred at times as it is becoming more common (and somewhat dangerous in my opinion) to have aides give out medications and eye drops in retirement home settings. However, PSW's receive very little training in this aspect and although they are very valuable to the health care team, they are not nurses and shouldn't allude themselves into thinking that way.
  2. IrishErin

    Drug Seekers

    I am sorry for all of your awful experiences! I agree that we sometimes become jaded and are quick to label. I just had this conversation with a co-worker today. People that come in complaining of fibromyalgia pain often get treated like drug seekers, but because so many people not being legitimate have ruined our perception of it. It's so hard to figure out if people have ulterior motives, which is sad in itself that we even have to wonder. We have one woman that comes in all the time, will wait until she has new nurses or doctors and plays them like a string! Again, I am sorry that you were not treated so fairly in some of your experiences. People make it really hard for us to be compassionate sometimes!
  3. IrishErin

    Littmann stethoscope color

    I have the raspberry colour which is really cute and hasn't scuffed or faded.
  4. IrishErin

    redirecting to old threads

    I find it irritating sometimes when you see multiple threads with the exact same subject line and questions. Doing a brief look might help you find some really greats answers from previous posters, and if not then you know what to ask for help with specifically.
  5. IrishErin

    Are you an LPN?

    I'm currently working in an ED in Ontario as an RPN.
  6. IrishErin

    I'm not the doctor!

    Sorry, what? The LPN isn't the nurse? Why can't we all just have respect for each other and the roles we play in providing for patients?
  7. IrishErin

    Fluid & Electrolyte balance signs/symptoms

    If you use the search option, I can recall seeing several thread on this exact topic with some really great answers!
  8. IrishErin

    Clinical drama-question about personal property

    If you really can't see how ridiculously immature this post sounds, then you are beyond our help at this point. Stop calling people stupid, even if you believe they are, and they will probably not have as much of a problem with you. Why are you so concerned with what this 'clique' is doing and who is in it or out of it? I thought you wanted to focus on your studies. I find your attitude quite distasteful and I probably wouldn't want to work with you right now either, to be honest. Try keeping your nose in the books and out of the drama and I'm sure life will be mich easier.
  9. I would agree with psu. If you removed the portion with any identifying info, then it's not violating anyone's privacy
  10. IrishErin

    Nursing Assistant... My Thoughts

    Since this is someone trolling us..... Can I have the cookie still?
  11. IrishErin

    Nursing Assistant... My Thoughts

    I didn't read it all. I couldn't. Do we have an award for longest written opinion piece?
  12. IrishErin

    Clinical drama-question about personal property

    This, this, and this! Even if you don't realise that you are giving off that vibe, they may be picking it up and feel disrespected by you just as much as you feel from them. Time to be the bigger person and drop whatever part you have in this seemingly ongoing feud and walk away from them. If you are as motivated to pass school as you say, start throwing all that energy at your studies and don't give 'the clique' a second thought.
  13. IrishErin

    Are married women bullied less at work?

    Anybody want a peanut? Sorry... Had to!
  14. IrishErin

    Anyone still giving Demerol?

    Must be a Canadian thing Lori, lol. I'm from Canada too.
  15. IrishErin

    Anyone still giving Demerol?

    We have a migraine patient that comes in about twice a month with her care plan from the neurologist giving the OK for an IM of Demerol and Gravol. I think it's kind of bogus myself but..