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So we see so many treads and posts on here about people complaining about their jobs, I thought it would be nice to start a thread where we can comment on what have been our favorite positions. I want to hear about what areas you all were working when you were truly satisfied with your job as a nurse. :nurse:

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I love what I do. It is demanding, there is always something to learn and I see what I do to be an art. I like teaching employees and helping them through problems.

I have found a LTC/Subacute facility that is well funded, well equiped, very organized and compensates their staff well.

I love my current job and I love my specialty, truly blessed amongst my peers.

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I have had two jobs as a nurse. One in a LTC and the one I currently have, in ICU.

I loved the residents at the LTC but I love what I do in the ICU. I work in a teaching hospital and we get patients from all over the US. I get to see things everyday that some people never see. I LOVE IT! I have friends there that share in my faith and love me. I also have to use my brain and my nursing skills. I can't imagine working any where else!

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Day surgery on a gynecology unit. Most of the procedures are simple (except for "TVT day") and your patients for the most part are healthy. It could be incredibly fast-paced at times, but I became very good at starting IVs and at the end of the day, your patients go home and you get a new batch in the morning. I loved this job. :nurse:

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OR nursing. I get to see different surgery daily, I get to pick the surgeon's brain all the time, I get to listen in on lectures as the surgery is occurring, and I get to have a real live anatomy review every single day that I work. FREE EDUCATION!!!

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Family Practice Clinic at a teaching hospital, I learned lots and got to do lots. Fast paced but doable (clinic shut down for lunch).

The best job I had was probably the first six months I spent as a park ranger (the law enforcement kind - not the tour guide kind). After that the honey moon phase was over and my boss who the capitol wouldn't fire kind of screwed things up for the 50 of us.

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i used to like my job as a specimen processor on nights years ago. i used to be the only one on nights, worked totally alone in the huge lab by myself whereas everyone else worked days. i did my job well, never goofed off or took long breaks even though i wasn't being directly watched. i stayed busy all the time. then eventually others wanted to work nights, and it kind of went downhill. we started getting on each others nerves and drama started up. i missed when i worked alone on the graveyard, it was so much fun and introspective.

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Wow so far we've had some great responses and the nursing options have been much more varied than I was expecting.

I currently absolutely love my job. I work in a med-surg float pool at a magnet hospital that is highly respected in the area. I get to set my own hours and choose what days I want to work, and I don't have to rotate shifts if I don't want too. Since I'm in the pool I don't have to worry about my days being "denied" on a schedule request. I love the variety of patients I get to see and the fact that every day is a learning experience.


This is a frequent topic here.

My all time favorite was working for a country general practitioner who did it all. Oh I wish he were still alive. I'd run back and beg for a job.

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High dependency surgical ward - hepato billary, colorectal and trauma. They are sick but not ventilated. I get them in a mess :) from ICU - just extubated and family very anxious and pt usually not too aware of what is going on.

A few days with the senior nurses looking after them and we pass them out to the ward and about 10 days after they arrive with us they are on their way to rehab or home.. It is great to see the continuity of care and the odd day that you are well staffed by senior staff that you can nurse the stable ones and see how much they have come on!

I always love that thank you and hug as they are going home. Loads of them come back to the ward a month or two later when they have got a clinic appointment, but at that stage I cannot remember most of them!

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