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Asystole RN is a BSN, RN and specializes in Vascular Access, Infusion Therapy.

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  1. Asystole RN

    Denver Weatherman Loses Job over Twitter Remarks about Nurses:

    I understand your sentiment and even somewhat agree. To be fair though, no one lost any sleep or even protested that I am aware of. People were slightly offended so took slight action such as Tweeting responses and using other social media avenues to show their displeasure. Slightly offended thousands of people publicly on social media and you will get thousands of responses on social media, you get the attention you seek. If for no other reason, this person should have been fired for sheer stupidity.
  2. Asystole RN

    Denver Weatherman Loses Job over Twitter Remarks about Nurses:

    The dude has a public facing job where his primary responsibility is to make people happy and to be like-able, yes I said primary...the weather is strictly secondary. Regardless of how people reacted to his post the fact is people did negatively react and there are a LOT of nurses. He violated his primary directive. Meteorologists are a dime a dozen and he was nothing special. If he cannot make the public happy someone else certainly will.
  3. Asystole RN

    $200,000 salary as a RN, it's true

    I should have said "high-performing" schools. Modesto is worse. Coming from someone who graduated from Sac City High School.
  4. Asystole RN

    Eye, ear drops, and cream

    Depends on the care setting. Patients in assisted living or rehab will often have access to certain medications so as long as they are alert and oriented. This is especially true for OTC meds.
  5. Asystole RN

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    I am glad you brought this up. I had to laugh when everyone went crazy over the nurse in Tennessee but nurses being criminally charged for a negligent action is far more common than many assume. I have a family member who has retired from a Board of Nursing and they would either refer nurses to be charged or deal with those nurses who were criminally charged several times a year. Ignorance or blind obedience to orders is not a legal defense.
  6. Asystole RN

    Relocating to North Carolina

    Out of curiosity, why North Carolina? Family? If you love to camp consider that the farther west you are the more open dispersed camping there is with California being the exception. The Eastern seaboard has been inhabited for a very long time so much of the land is tied up in private hands. The Western United States, again California being the exception due to early shipping/gold, is relatively young so much of the land is owned by the state and federal government. If you leave any major metropolitan area in Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico you can disperse camp within about 1 hour from a major city. I personally moved to a state that is extremely beautiful but has very little state and federal owned land so this means I can only camp in campgrounds. Don't get me wrong, they are nice and all but I personally like to be in nature away from people.
  7. Asystole RN

    Disappointing Interview

    Be polite and professional always. The fact that they sent on your information is a great sign, people do not do that for people they do not like or see no value in. I would personally reach back out to them and tell them that you are destined for L&D. If they do not want you now ask them for feedback on your interview and what development items you need to get that position in the future. Let them know you want it and are willing to develop the skills they require. Sometimes that show of strong desire is enough to sway a decision.
  8. Asystole RN

    Ohio Hospital Fires 23 After Fentanyl Overdose Deaths

    This sounds like someone blew the whistle on a palliative sedation program. I highly doubt these were mistakes made by bypassing existing safety measures, these were likely deliberate interventions. How would you punish non-clinician senior leadership who likely never stepped foot on those units let alone know what was happening?
  9. Asystole RN

    Poll: do you have professional liability insurance?

    LOL. You need new lawyers then. Lots of case law where the nurse did everything 100% correct and still lost the lawsuit. My favorite is when a nurse took an alert and oriented patient to the commode, gave her the call light, instructed her to use the call button to call the nurse, and then waited outside for patient privacy. Patient acknowledges all of this, all of this was within policy, patient admits to not following the nurse's instructions. Nurse was found 10% at fault because at the end of the day she is a tiny bit responsible for her patient so she only had to pay 10% of the medical expenses which grossed over $800,000. I personally do not have $80,000 to spend on something stupid.
  10. Asystole RN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    The problem with your line of argument is that it is also used to discriminate against protected classes. "Don't like being sexually harassed? Don't work in a male predominant place of employment." There must be a balance to protecting individuals and protecting organizations. I do not think these kind of laws are aimed at someone who is opposed to abortion seeking a job at Planned Parenthood. These kind of laws are aimed at the OR nurse who is forced to participate in an abortion the 1 time in the last 10 years one was done at whatever hospital. Stuff like that. Sometimes people work at a single hospital for years and sometimes they are transferred or floated to other units. Maybe someone does not believe in breast augmentation so instead works in GI but on some random day the hospital wanted to float her to plastics to help with breast augmentation. These laws are there to protect those nurses.
  11. Asystole RN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    I understand the sentiment but to be honest that is a very narrow and bigoted viewpoint yourself. People have different cultures and religions. The problem is that there is no universal definition of "care" or "right." Most people want to do what is right and not cause harm but not everyone agrees what is right and what is harm. Abortion and euthanasia, although rare, are the clearest examples. Some would see assisting an abortion or euthanasia to be assisting in harming patients, including the fetus. In some cultures ritualistic scaring is considered the social norm and baseline. As a very outside and exaggerated example, what if your employer wanted you to take a ritual semi-dull, non-sterile knife to a 6 month old's face and make several cuts? Would you feel comfortable doing that? Some of these items discussed make others just as uncomfortable.
  12. Asystole RN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    Just as institutions cannot discriminate against ADA protected employees, they cannot discriminate against employees due to their religion if they want federal funding. This is not new, these laws have come in various forms since the 70's just on the federal level let alone the state level. Keep in mind, individual states still reserve the right to judge the professional practice of their healthcare workers.
  13. Asystole RN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    Arguing religion with your own beliefs is a losing proposition. Might as well argue blue is better than red. Your ethnocentrism is not universal. Your beliefs were created by your unique culture, upbringing, social status, family, friends, and other experiences, as they are for everyone. Religious beliefs are personal and variable.
  14. Asystole RN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    Ethnocentrism makes it very easy for us to dismiss the religious and cultural norms of others. The issue is that some of these things, like hearing tests, are compulsory in some states. Some religions do not believe in testing let alone treating these issues for various reasons mostly coming down to divine intention and/or a lack of perception that hearing loss is a deficit that needs to be corrected. Ever hear the term "handi-capable?" Not everyone sees health related deficits as deficits. A famous group that is opposed to mental health treatment are Scientologists. You might snicker but to some of these people their beliefs are at the core of their very being and believe that the Constitution protects their right to practice their religion in the way they see fit. Some religions do not believe in vaccinations, others do not believe in blood draws or receiving donor blood. I personally have seen many people willingly die because they did not want a blood transfusion and you know what? I 100% support their right just as I support the 95yo patient with breast cancer to refuse chemo. Judgement is easy, understanding is hard.
  15. Asystole RN

    Trump's 'religious conscience'

    As with all laws, the court has weighs in to interpret the laws the legislature enacts and then the executive branch executes. Depending on how each of these 3 branches reacts to a law will determine how it becomes "real." A legal concept known as accommodationism largely dictates how the U.S. currently perceives Article 6, First and Fourteenth Amendment. The U.S. government can assist, endorse, and even support religion but it must not favor a single religion. This is why things like, "In God We Trust" exist, it is vague enough to pass the accomodationism test.