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  1. ImThatGuy

    Backing out of RN school

    We know self-teaching is important to anything. However, when one forks over the dollars and sacrifices something else to return to school one generally expects to receive quite a bit of teaching along the way.
  2. ImThatGuy

    Backing out of RN school

    It's sounds like a mirror image of my school. We did get "rationales" for our missed questions in what the instructors called "content review," but they never could explain any of it other than saying "that's just the way it is." I don't know how many times I've heard that now. I recall asking once if there was a rate for intermittent suction, i.e. how often the machine sucks, and my reply was "intermittent suction just does it intermittently and not all the time." That's the same kind of deer in the headlights look and answer I got with every question to the point of in the second year I just didn't ask questions anymore because I know they can't answer them. I understand that a person can't know everything, but don't become an instructor of something when you don't know anymore than I know about what you're teaching. The program was poorly managed. Nothing was ever scheduled close to being remotely correct. I agree one should know how to modify and adjust, but...everyday? I was going to be a career changer, but not now. I managed people and elements of an organization. I can't think of any business or other organization that could survive with the moronic nature of our nursing program. My program too has also sucked out any interest I had in being a RN. To me the RN thing is just an ugly requirement of becoming something else. I have a cynical and jaded approach to nursing and want little to nothing to do with it. I thought about dropping out of the BSN program several times over the two years, but I stuck with it because I'd already invested in it and saw it through. Thankfully, my first B.S. degree included all of the prereqs so I didn't waste any other life or expense in pursing that "coveted" BSN. By the time I graduated (May 4th), the chaos and cattiness of the instructors had divided them into factions with one of our final instructors showing a sincere degree of disdain for my cohort and I and literally tattling on anything any student did so that it could be taken out of context and used against the cohort. Eventually, one faculty member belonging to an appeals committee told her to stop worrying about us. My program started out with 24 people, dropped to 14 going into the second semester, and 13 of those survived that. The third semester dropped two more so we went into the end of course exam with 11 people. Of that, I think six passed and five failed. On the retake, two of the five passed. I still have know nothing about what comes next. I have no idea with the NCLEX is scheduled or how I'll be alerted to scheduling it. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it. At some point, I'm going to need 2,000 clinical work hours as a nurse to continue on with graduate school for the specialty courses, but I have no idea where I'm going to find that and halfway don't want to. I really have no respect for it or interest in it anymore.
  3. ImThatGuy

    burnout for this semester

    I personally would just stop studying for it. You're going to pass and do well.
  4. ImThatGuy

    Best Drug Manual??!

    Best resource? This guy. http://manlyweddingblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/dr.gif
  5. ImThatGuy

    Working 2 jobs: full-time and part-time nights?

    You can work as much as you want. I did so anyone else can too.
  6. ImThatGuy

    Straight to MSN

    ...yet most PA programs require students to have healthcare experience... paramedics, respiratory therapists, and nurses generally comprise the class base
  7. ImThatGuy

    Straight to MSN

    I just finished a BSN and start a psych NP MSN in August with no nursing experience.
  8. ImThatGuy

    PreNursing Fears

    I got a bachelor's degree years ago, became a cop although I worked part-time several years ago as a paramedic, and then I went back for a second bachelor's degree in nursing. I was never worried about school or passing, but I was apprehensive about two things: having to suck it up and do their darned, time consuming busy work and looking like a total retard in their school scrubs...which I did.
  9. ImThatGuy

    What exactly do you learn/do during clinicals?

    Cleaning bodies, cleaning beds, moving bodies, moving beds, taking vital signs, taking health histories, doing physical exams, shots, IV's and IV stuff, tubes in urethras, tubes in stomachs, enemas, feeding through tubes, other things involving tubes, and doing things to ugly parts of the body. The most peculiar thing to me was a video we had to watch over making beds. I learned you can change bedding with someone laying in bed although I still think it's odd. I'd rather pick them up, lay them on the floor, change the bed, and put them back, but hey nurses get outraged over that idea, lol. Oh, well, I graduated nonetheless...with honors too if you can imagine. Mostly the clinical rotations are about doing things, on the rare occasion the opportunities present themselves, the way school teaches you to do it and passing. Then you can graduate, work, and actually learn how to do stuff.
  10. ImThatGuy

    Experienced Student Nurses...advice?

    Enjoy your summer. Nurse classes will come soon enough and last entirely too long. There really isn't a huge need for anatomy. I can't think of an instance where intricate knowledge of anatomy was required to either grasp something or pass something. The physiology that most kids seemed to have trouble with was fluid and electrolytes as well as acids and bases like Pneumo said. In pathophysiology, they seemed to have the most trouble with the renal system and the cardiovascular system. Aside from that don't sweat. Nurse classes aren't as in depth as they're portrayed to be. Other tips for success; take it all in stride, don't get worked up over it, get past the fact that someone in class will be the most annoying waste of space you've ever encountered, and someone will frequently cry over tension and/or bad grades. You'll pass and everything will be fine in the end. It's not that bad but merely time consuming and often cheesey. N
  11. ImThatGuy

    BOLC July 2012

    Sounds hot. And humid.
  12. ImThatGuy

    Last semester but.. I Hate Nursing!

    I am an Arkansan and a Razorback fan!!
  13. ImThatGuy

    Last semester but.. I Hate Nursing!

    Why? It's a pretty fun spectator sport.
  14. ImThatGuy

    Last semester but.. I Hate Nursing!

    I did rotate with a school nurse (RN) in community health. She provided (never gave) quite a few medicines. Assisted some kids in checking their blood sugar and giving insulin, i.e. she got the kits out of cabinets for them. She checked urine ketones on one. She provided a several inhalers for asthmatic kids to use themselves. She gave two different kids tube feedings, and ironically I had just stopped one's mom with him in the car the day before and written her a ticket for disregarding a traffic control device, no proof of insurance, and no child safety restraint, and she straight cath'd a spina bifida kid twice so he could pee. Add into that the sundry scrapes and bumps with lots of placebo ice packs. There was no giving out OTC meds like we got when I was in school. Then again, when I was in school, a chronically ill kid didn't go to public school or get medical treatments while there, but the rest of us were all healed with Tylenol and Pepto-Bismol - no matter the ailment. Fevers, pukes, ear aches, and rashes were all sent home. When I asked why she wanted to be a school nurse she replied, and I'll paraphrase but get really close, "I used to work hospice but that got to be too much with people always passing away all the time, and I wanted more time to spend with my kids. I get out of school when they do, and when I'm here I don't do anything! This is the best kept secret in nursing." All jobs have their pros and cons, and it's certainly worth bragging about when you get a job where you can be relaxed all day instead of running around shooting people up with meds every 30 minutes. I'm not diminishing the role of the school nurse at all. It's great.
  15. ImThatGuy

    Last semester but.. I Hate Nursing!

    You're really getting worked up by this, aren't you?
  16. OP, I understand your predicament. I like biology and assumed nursing school would be more biologically and medically oriented than it its. If you're there to learn about physiology, pathophysiology, and pharmacology on a cellular level then you're going to be short changed. You won't get that. I didn't at least, and this was a BSN program with specific course titles reflecting those areas. I think natural resource conservation would be more interesting as well. I admire that you're thinking of doing that instead. I went through paramedic school many years ago just to learn. It wasn't a long program, at least not in the amount of time I'd have to put in to be successful and "learn," and it wasn't expensive either. Once I finished the teacher, who also owned an ambulance service, asked me to come to work for him so I did. It was a decent extra job and one that I held over the next couple years off and on, but it wasn't for me. Now, I'm not a "delicate" person as you claimed to be. I'm actually a career police officer and a bit unique in that nothing I've written above tends to fit in with what one thinks of as a cop. However, I'm not a hands on guy....at least not when it comes to healthcare. I like to learn about it. I want to know exactly why something works, but I do not want to be the one necessarily doing it. I'm fine with assessing people. I've been doing it for years, but once it comes to getting what I refer to as "intimate" with them then heck no. Leave me out of it. When nurse teachers talked in class about holding hands and rubbing backs I almost gagged. I don't electively touch random people or try to foster meaningful connections with them. I'm a great listener, but as my clinical faculties have said time and time again, I'm "not very giving of myself." I debated for YEARS about doing a paramedic to RN program so that I could efficiently move on up the healthcare food chain and do something else. I finally joined a "generic" BSN program last August having finished all of the prereqs from a previous B.S. degree, but I've been uncomfortable since the first day. Fortunately, I never had to quit working, and my monetary expense hasn't been that great. I can eventually coerce myself into working enough, on a part-time basis, to remunerate myself for it. Anyway, I have to run, but the point to this, and I write this on my very last day thereby completing this BSN program, that I was hesitant because I knew I didn't want to be a RN. I assumed at some point I'd assimilate, but I haven't. If you really don't think it's for you then run the other way. Trust yourself. I always do and did except with this. If you'd like to PM or something then hit me up. Plenty of people have had very rewarding careers as nurses, but the role of a RN isn't a role I want.

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