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  1. I could really use your advice if you still monitor this page. In the same boat as you!!

  2. ImThatGuy

    Backing out of RN school

    We know self-teaching is important to anything. However, when one forks over the dollars and sacrifices something else to return to school one generally expects to receive quite a bit of teaching along the way.
  3. ImThatGuy

    Backing out of RN school

    It's sounds like a mirror image of my school. We did get "rationales" for our missed questions in what the instructors called "content review," but they never could explain any of it other than saying "that's just the way it is." I don't know how man...
  4. ImThatGuy

    burnout for this semester

    I personally would just stop studying for it. You're going to pass and do well.
  5. ImThatGuy

    Best Drug Manual??!

    Best resource? This guy.
  6. ImThatGuy

    Working 2 jobs: full-time and part-time nights?

    You can work as much as you want. I did so anyone else can too.
  7. ImThatGuy

    Straight to MSN

    ...yet most PA programs require students to have healthcare experience... paramedics, respiratory therapists, and nurses generally comprise the class base
  8. ImThatGuy

    Straight to MSN

    I just finished a BSN and start a psych NP MSN in August with no nursing experience.
  9. ImThatGuy

    PreNursing Fears

    I got a bachelor's degree years ago, became a cop although I worked part-time several years ago as a paramedic, and then I went back for a second bachelor's degree in nursing. I was never worried about school or passing, but I was apprehensive about...
  10. ImThatGuy

    What exactly do you learn/do during clinicals?

    Cleaning bodies, cleaning beds, moving bodies, moving beds, taking vital signs, taking health histories, doing physical exams, shots, IV's and IV stuff, tubes in urethras, tubes in stomachs, enemas, feeding through tubes, other things involving tubes...
  11. ImThatGuy

    Experienced Student Nurses...advice?

    Enjoy your summer. Nurse classes will come soon enough and last entirely too long. There really isn't a huge need for anatomy. I can't think of an instance where intricate knowledge of anatomy was required to either grasp something or pass somethi...
  12. ImThatGuy

    BOLC July 2012

    Sounds hot. And humid.
  13. ImThatGuy

    Last semester but.. I Hate Nursing!

    I am an Arkansan and a Razorback fan!!
  14. ImThatGuy

    Last semester but.. I Hate Nursing!

    Why? It's a pretty fun spectator sport.
  15. ImThatGuy

    Last semester but.. I Hate Nursing!

    I did rotate with a school nurse (RN) in community health. She provided (never gave) quite a few medicines. Assisted some kids in checking their blood sugar and giving insulin, i.e. she got the kits out of cabinets for them. She checked urine ketones...