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hcox1975 has 2 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC, SICU,RNICU.

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  1. hcox1975

    What if I am not cut out for NICU :'(

    Don't beat yourself up. Every job in nursing takes organizing your brain, it's not just in the nicu. It's also very frustrating when other nurses treat newbies that way. Try writing out your report near the end of your shift so you won't forget anything. Also write out each hour on your shift and what is to be done each hour. You will eventually get better at remembering what is due. Write things out, even things that might seem trivial because your brain can only remember so much. Don't get discouraged. Anywhere you work in nursing takes time and everyone learns differently.
  2. I'm curious to how other nicus access their central lines. Do you use sterile technique with hat, mask and sterile gloves? Do you clean the port with betadine and then access? What is your infection rate?
  3. hcox1975

    Kangaroo Care

    We do not do kangaroo care with touch me nots. We use these things called dandle Roos. They are awesome because the swaddle the babies and the also will position the arms so they can't self extubate. I have found that oscillator babies have to be re-intubated because the tubing is so heavy, it puts a constant pull on the tube. I wish there was a way to prevent this.
  4. hcox1975

    Recommend a book?

    I work in a level 3 nicu. We use Manual of Neonatal Care by Cloherty, Eichenwald and Stark. It's awesome!
  5. hcox1975

    Opinions: Best scrubs?

    Here is what I have concluded in my scrub quest. I am a petite (5'2) and weight is around 120. I am shapely with large thighs and butt. I also am narrow in the shoulders and some of the tops swallow me there. Cherokee are ok, they run big though and feel like they swallow me. Urbane has a great style but the tops are too short, not enough pockets and the pants make me feel like I have plumber's crack. Med Couture (I think they are made by Peaches) are the best. They are plenty big in the stride but not too big and they fit me perfect. Laundau and Peaches pants run big too and I feel frumpy. I haven't tried Grey's or Blue Sky but I hope to soon. I don't buy petite because I don't feel they are long enough but regulars are too long in some brands. I think it's to each his own, and you just have to see what fits you best.
  6. hcox1975

    Alegria Vs. Sketchers Shapeups

    Alegria hands down...
  7. hcox1975

    All it takes to be an ICU nurse?

    I too wouldn't take the harder patients when I first started. If you can choose your assignment, I would listen to report and try to choose a patient that you were comfortable with. I also would try to go back to the same assignment if possible because I was familiar with the patient and their family. We have a split partner that we share a patient with and I would also choose an experienced nurse to split with. I work nights and my unit works really good together so we are usually not alone when we get new admits or have a critical situation.
  8. hcox1975

    Need Advice

    I too hate to be interupted but this comes with nursing. Take it as a learning experience. Being interupted will prepare you for what is to come. It takes time to establish your way of doing things. Everyone gets stressed during orientation.
  9. Personally, if I knew where I was delivering my baby didn't have a nursery, I wouldn't have my baby there. I have never even heard of this until I read this post. This doesn't sound safe.
  10. hcox1975

    Responsibilities of a MICU/SICU nurse...

    You also have to be aware of drug interactions, correct medication orders, and lab work. I work at a teaching hospital and sometimes the doctors aren't familiar with what is needed for the patients. Once you are familiar with the type of patients you are dealing with on a regular basis, this will become easier. For example, with liver patients there are certain medications they might not be able to take due to how the body clears the drug. Even though you have 2 patients or less, you are extremely busy. These patients are in ICU because they are critical and could take a turn for the worse at any second.
  11. hcox1975

    white uniforms vs. colored/printed

    The hospital I work at, you can wear whatever color you want. I personally don't like the cartoon prints but that just me. I do like the idea of color coding. Or name tags with your title in large print. All of our doctors wear white coats so we are discouraged from wearing white. I don't have a problem with piercings as long as it's tasteful. If you came at me at a white uniform, I would wonder what psych hospital I was in. White uniforms scare patients.
  12. I think these strong ladies will make wonderful nurses. They will be able to have compassion for the harder to deal with patients. Kudos to these women and I pray that they will continue to have productive and happy lives.
  13. hcox1975

    2 year old prescribed Risperdal?

    This whole story about this child breaks my heart. There is no way possible that a child can be diagnosed with bipolar at 2 years old.I am not a psych nurse but this topic really upset me, so I had to get on my soap box. As a mother of five and someone who suffers from ADHD, medications should be the last resort. I didn't medicate myself until I was an adult. I do however have several children that are showing signs of ADHD, but since it's not affecting school work, I have decided to wait until they are old enough to decide if they want to take meds are not. There are so many other theraputic methods to treat children. Diet, routine, sleeping habits,homeschooling, etc that can help these kids. I would take this child for a second maybe even a third opinion. Then I would research other ways to help this family cope with the situation. With my kids, when all else fails, I pray, and pray hard. Sometimes our environment affects our outcome. As a parent, if we see our children struggle we need to step back and look at their environment. Is it healthy or dangerous? I promise you if you went to a psych ward and asked the patients questions about their childhood, 99% of them had a disturbing event or events that made them the way they are. If this is the situation now, I would hate to see this child in 10-20 years.
  14. hcox1975

    RN Starting Salary in B'ham

    Recession hits everyone, including nurses.
  15. hcox1975

    All it takes to be an ICU nurse?

    I like to know why we do certain things too, and there are people on your unit you will learn to trust. I also carry post it notes in my pocket and write things down to look up later.
  16. hcox1975

    Problems with shift to shift report

    Sure you can email me. No problem, glad to help.