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:balloons: CONGRATULATIONS!!!! :balloons:

Wonderful news!! :)

I absolutely LUV my schedule! :)

Mon: Nursing I lecture 1-4

Tue: Clinical 8-2

Thurs: Lab 9-12

Nursing I lecture 1-3

I'm starting an ADN program, but working on transfer courses for a BSN program as well--so I'm also taking Spanish III online and an accelerated computer class in the evening 2 nights/week for the first term and a literature course for the second term.

Total I have 17 semester hours, but I'm hoping that it will seem more like 14 due to the way that I have it broken down into terms.

Best wishes to everyone!!

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Congrats to you!!!!!:balloons: :balloons:

I'm still doing pre-req's. Child Development


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Way to go!!!!! My classes are:

Tuesday: Clinical 7:00a 3:00p

Wednesday: Lecture 2:00p 4:00p

Thursday: Lab 8:00a 12:00n

Friday: Lecture 2:00p 4:00p

Isn't is sooo exciting!!! It's taken me two years to be able to say "I'll be starting clinicals in the fall." Best of luck tp you in your program.


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Congrats to all of you starting your nursing classes in the fall! I'm still waiting on my letter to know if I'll be joining you...won't know until late July or 1st week of August.

Best of luck!

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I'm soooo jealous of all of you who are starting clinicals in the fall. In my program we don't start clinicals until the second semester. :o

Here's my schedule:

Mon 6-8:50 pm Pharmacology

Tues 11:30-1:20 Intro to Prof. Nursing Pracice

2-4:50 Communications Module

Wed 11:30-1:20 Health Assess. Lab

2-5:00 Context Health Care Delivery I

Thurs 11-1:50 Health of Diverse Populations

2-4:50 Health Assessment

Friday 9-11:50 Pathophysiology

12-1:50 Lab

Good luck everyone!! :nurse:


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Good Luck Everyone!!!

Susan, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! :D



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Yahooooo! Congrats on your acceptance!!!!!


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Congrats!!!!!! enjoy your semester!:)


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