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LauraF, RN has 30 years experience as a ASN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Pediatrics, Geriatrics, Call Center RN.

I got my LPN a long time ago. I have worked in Peds, Asthma and Allergy, geriatrics. I have worked my way up from starting out as a CNA, Pharmacy Tech, LPN and now RN. I love my job. I love my kids, 2 boys and 1 girl. I have two grandkids a boy and girl.

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  1. LauraF, RN

    Fidget Spinners

    My youngest HAD to have one for his birthday. I think he has disassembled it now. He doesn't have ADHD he wanted a new toy.
  2. LauraF, RN

    Why do you visit allnurses.com?

    I had forgotten all about AllNurses. It was linked to my old email. Thank goodness I have remedied that. I miss this group. It is nice to be able to talk to people of intelligence. Most people here can relate when you are having a bad day. There is more to nursing then passing pills and writing notes.
  3. LauraF, RN

    Choose Your Favorite TV Nurse

    My favorite nurses on TV are: Jesse "mama' from Code Black and Nurse Jackson from Red Band Society.
  4. LauraF, RN

    Kckcc student needs advice for rn program

    Why can you not continue at KCKCC? I graduated from there and I did not live in Wyandotte county. We did have to take out student loans which really suck as we are still paying on them. I was very pleased with KCKCC. Our class passed 100% on the NCLEX.
  5. LauraF, RN

    Holiday Pay-- Anyone else heard of this??

    That is how the shifts worked for all of my round the clock jobs were. Thankfully I only have a day position and no weekends. WOOT WOOT! So I got paid to enjoy the day with hubby and my beautiful children. Sorry that you are finding this out now. It is much better to know what you are getting into prior to getting into it.
  6. LauraF, RN

    Thinking of taking a DON offer

    I have a great Administrator, but the job is not "fun". It is a very hard and stressful job. It may be better if you get a decent orientation. Good luck.
  7. LauraF, RN

    Roles of DON/Nurse Manager

    I am a new DON for a LTC facility. I am expected to be at the QI meeting, dept Head Meeting, Medicare A meeting those are the weekly ones. I am also responsible to have a written presentation for QA with the doctor once a month. I have someone else do the schedule but I am responsible for maintaining, and am responsible for making assignments. I am responsible for dealing with family members, and staff problems. I sign off on the MDS's, I try to make time to go to Care Plan meetings, I have to do physical assessments on all new residents, I do the screening when necessary for potential residents. I keep track of the falls and handle the investigation of them and when necessary call them in. I do the paperwork that needs to be handled after it has been called in and mail it in. I have yet to have an orientation but am learning by trial and error. I like to go to the Care Plan meetings so that I can address nursing issues and know where and what my residents are doing or not doing.
  8. LauraF, RN


    We have a guy at our LTC facility that fall often too. The nurses have to drag the guy around with them where ever they go, and God forbid if they have to go to the restroom. Per the state the alarm could be considered a restraint because the resident may be intimidated by the sound when they get up. Geri chairs? Please another restraint. He has BPD and feels like he needs to pee all the time. We take him pee and sometimes he can go other times he can't. Urine is clear. Depakote is WNL, he is in a wheelchair he is just not strong enough to walk, but he still tries to stand up and ends up falling.
  9. LauraF, RN

    Back to basics

    You are correct. If the electric one shows a reading that is way out there, I would always go straight to doing it the old way. Technology is not always foolproof. The batteries may need replacing, any number of things. Specially if the patient is not having any symptoms. What did EMS say when they got there?
  10. LauraF, RN

    Night Shift LTC Ratios

    Our facility is 60 residents, 3 CNA's, and 2 nurses. goes smoothly until something happens. :)
  11. LauraF, RN

    Night shift

    Wow! We have 2 nurses, and 3 cna's for about 60 residents. More so because they are so spread out, I think.
  12. LauraF, RN

    Night shift

    What do you actually have on your shift? Our night shift is not that bad, as long as everyone shows up and nothing goes wrong. If something comes up it can be a rough night.
  13. LauraF, RN

    Thinking of taking a DON offer

    I start on Thursday. I'm nervous and excited all at the same time.
  14. LauraF, RN

    Thinking of taking a DON offer

    I just accepted a DON position at my LTC. The place is falling apart at the seams. Morale is poor, call in's are rampant, resident care is marginal. I think I will be very busy. But I am looking forward to try and improve things for my residents.:sofahider
  15. LauraF, RN

    Ugh---I have to fire an employee tomorrow.

    Wow sorry to hear that. On what grounds? Hope you are able to find something else quickly. You are right though, you can't trust anyone.
  16. LauraF, RN

    Disrespectful Employees

    I'm sad to say but society as a whole has become more rude than I could ever imagine. That is really mild compared to my facility. It seems younger people now think that the world owes them something, and that they don't have to earn it. I would have also reminded her back in "the day" we didn't have the luxury of computers. Seems computers makes everything faster. I wish I had a solution.