Would you get treated at the hospital where you work?

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So, I know a couple of well established people at their job site who when they got hurt there, did not want to be treated there... Here's the story:

A NP at a big HHC hospital in New York was working on the floor actively seeing patients when she collapsed. She appeared to be having a MI and inbetween gripping her chest and gasping, staff was putting her on a stretcher. Now, she's worked there for 16 years and so everyone rushed to help. Another RN said "Ms Y. we'll take you to the ER downstairs, and you'll be okay." To which she replied "Noo, I don't want to go here! Transfer me to another NYC hospital!". I was shocked, it wasn't the first time I herd this, but amidst her MI she had the guts to ask for a blood thinner and an ambulance to be transferred! She was fine, and did get transferred, but it just got me thinking. Would you work somewhere that you wouldn't be treated? Anyone else see this?


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Interesting post!

I work in psych, so no ; )


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I had six surgeries at my hospital last year...and never once considered going anywhere else. So my answer, obviously, is "Yes."


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It depends, definitely not if one works in a toxic environment.

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I think some people may not want to feel vulnerable amongst their coworkers. Her desire to move to another facility may have been less about the level of care she would receive there and more to do with not wanting to be a patient in a facility she works at.

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I wouldn't mind being treated on my unit. But I would want to stay there until discharge! So, because of the need to eventually be moved out of ICU I would say No.

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Absolutely. And I'd even be a patient on my floor. Because I know they would take care of me...I think I'd rather have people I know and trust already!


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Not because I don't think i would get good care but because I don't feel my co workers on my unit, in the lab, in xray, etc need to know all about the private me.


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I guess it depends on what I was being treated for. I work at a small community hospital and if I needed a lap appy or lap chole then yes, I would want to be on my floor. But if it was for something serious, I would want to be treated at one of the larger city hospitals. I probably would be just a number at one of the larger facilities, but I would just feel safer.


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The NP was perimenopausal and worried shed be found out...as if no one noticed her age or anything. I have seen other people do this-even a volunteer like myself. He shut his fingers in the door of an elevator and refused care infront of the ER staff...never saw him again.


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It would depend on what was wrong with me. I have had surgery at our hospital...but at the time, there was an anestesia and surgeon team I trusted. If the NP had her primary physician in another hospital, I wouldn't doubt that she wanted to go there. You may not work at the best place in town... when we are sick, we are consumers. I know lots of teachers who send their kids to private schools. And if you work at McDonalds, doesn't mean you are a traitor if you eat somewhere else!

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I would, but the weird thing is, I prefer getting all of my medical care through our 'rival' Hospital, UCLA.

I just seem to have had better luck with the MDs there. Plus, the out-clinic that I use has the nicest staff.

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