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  1. onetiredmomma

    PICC lines and k-pads

    What is the common feeling about using k-pad use after insertion of PICCs? I have gotten different opinions from different PICC nurses. One says it helps prevent vein spasms another says it isn't important.
  2. onetiredmomma

    Please help me with my temper

    When I find myself in that place I ask for help (if that is what is bringing my coping down), take deep breaths and while doing so say a prayer asking God for help and thanking Him for help He has already provided (usually this prayer is while punching the daylight out of the keys on the med pyxis!) I agree with getting away for a few minutes and that includes getting off the unit for my lunch break so I can recharge!
  3. onetiredmomma

    The Grateful Nurse Speaks

    Once again, thank you for your words of wisdom! I so agree with you on every level.
  4. onetiredmomma

    counting my chickens before they hatch

    Most facilities won't let staff move to another unit until they have worked the unit they were hired on for at least 6 months to a year.
  5. onetiredmomma

    Type I Diabetes

    Our 6 yo grandson has been diagnosed with diabetes. Can someone recommend a book to help me help this family with their adjustment? My son-in-law also was dx at about the same age so it is not unexpected but still scary and I need to educate myself as well as help them. Thanks.
  6. onetiredmomma

    Liability Insurance after retirement

    Since I do hope to retire ...someday. I'm not sure how long but I know people sue many years after an event and I got to wondering about keeping my liability insurance after I retire. I will ask my State Farm agent for sure but curious what opinions anyone here might have? Thanks
  7. onetiredmomma

    Education of nurses

    A hundred years ago...ok 1970 when I got my LPN and again in 1982 when I got my ADN this was a hot topic of discussion. I truly feel if SOMEONE would make a decision, set a date, provide some sort of "grandfather" clause nursing would be in a better place, nurses would make more $$ and would have better job opportunities all around. I blame this nondecision on that fact that nursing is female dominated and we as females used to be taught to accept and agree to whatever was told to us.
  8. onetiredmomma

    Is it possible to....

    Of course! That makes you human. After 43 years I still love being a bedside nurse...most of the time. It's shifts like you describe or when admin makes inane policies that make me wish I could retire to a tropical island somewhere! Remember: there is no heaven on earth....
  9. onetiredmomma

    Where are the supplies?

    Doesn't just happen in LTC...we had 3 pt with NGs this week and needed to replace one of the stay-guard nose things ( not sure of the name). Anyway, our floor had none and neither did the next 2 units I visited. A call to supply got the response "they are a low use item and I think we are out of them"/ Someone did finally find 2 and brought them to me...I thought about hiding the extra one in my locker but don't want to start doing that.
  10. onetiredmomma

    So what can we expect from you?

    You can expect me to remember that students need skills and offer to let you do dressing changes, foleys and anyother treatment I think you will not get a lot of chances to do. You can expect that I do appreciate your help and will tell you so. I love students that are interested in learning...esp learning the difference between school teaching and the "real world".
  11. onetiredmomma

    It's All YOU Baby!

    My dream has always been to work somewhere that has an IV team...alas, as I get closer to retirement it is bound to be a dream unmet! It has to be hard to go from a big facility that has "everything" but I learned in a sm town hospital on night shift that did team nursing wo CNAs and I learned a ton from those coworkers! Your new coworker will learn soon enough as long as everyone is patient with her/ Where I work now I keep forgetting that the PICC nurse comes and changes central line dressings...that's a treat in itself!
  12. some Grade school, middle schools and high schools often "teach to the test" for funding so we should not be surprised that some nursing schools do the same. Hospitals are flooded with schools trying to find clinical shifts for students so the students end up in nursing homes, geri-psych facilities and other nonacute settings to learn. Students at my facility last week had to be firmly asked to leave the desk computers where they were doing homework so the Drs could do their orders. This group of students weren't interested in helping with anything that was not for their one pt. As for pts being sicker these days: "back in the day" when a pt had their GB removed they came to the floor with an NG, IV, Foley, T-tube and a huge incision. Laminectomy pts log rolled for a week ....and that meant they were basically total care because they had to be turned q2h, fed, etc. I know the expectations of nurses have changed over the years but basic nursing hasn't...
  13. onetiredmomma

    How does your unit handle this assignment situation ?

    You shouldn't have to ask for help, your coworkers should realize you need it BUT you also need to stand up for yourself: " I know I have fewer pts and will be glad to take an admit if I can get some help getting caught up. Can you please....." and tell your charge/ coworkers what will help you. Sometimes its hard to tell if someone needs help, but I have alson offered only to be told " oh I don't know what you could do I am so far behind." I can see another nurse giving up a pt and taking the admit but that seems to just add to the confusion, esp for the pts.
  14. onetiredmomma

    Has anyone heard of something like this before?? Input please!!

    Having been a CNA test giver (!) I would caution you to make sure you know what you will be tested on. When you do the skills lab there are "critical elements" you must do and in some cases in the correct order or you won't pass. Check to see what organization does the testing in your state for guidlines.
  15. onetiredmomma

    To old to be hired anymore?

    Have you thought about doing some agency work? I did that when I was wo work ( long story) and couldn't get an interview. I am sure my eons of experience was a factor cause I am at the top end of the salary ladder.Any way, during that year I found a place I really liked, was liked at and finally got offered a job there. I won't lie...it wasn't easy doing agency work: the pay was lousy and not knowing if I had a shift until every morning sucked but it got me some income. Good luck!
  16. onetiredmomma

    Long term acute care inside hospital

    If the nurse recruiter gave you the impression that LTAC is slower he/she is waaaay wrong. I worked at one as an agency nurse and everything the other poster said is true: not making enough progress to stay in acute care but too sick for LTC. My saving grace was that they don't give agency staff vent pts at this particular LTAC. This was a unit whose company leases a space in a hospital, staffing and policies are dictated by their parent company; they are totally independent of the hospital. I know it is hard getting work but how can you work 6 hours away from home? Do you have friends or famliy you will stay with? If you want to work for the other facility don't keep waiting to hear...call and remind them that you are interested and ask when you can expect to get an interview! Good luck to you