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I love my cat!

I love my cat!

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I love my cat! has 18 years experience and specializes in ER, PACU, Med-Surg, Hospice, LTC.

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  1. I love my cat!

    Workplace Harassment forced me to resign

    I'm so sorry you experienced such a toxic workplace. You did exactly what that workplace wanted---you quit. Then, they owe you nothing. Mind you, in an at-will state, you can be fired for just about anything (except for reasons that are against federal law). Anyway, I don't really have much to add, but this bit of advice: ALWAYS keep a journal of every shift. I learned this the hard way when there was relentless bullying and harassment in my old place of employment. When we (there were a few of us as 'targets') were approached by management and asked for specific dates, times, co-workers involved, etc., I really couldn't remember many of the details to make a strong case. I now keep notes on everything.
  2. I love my cat!

    I don't like pediatric patients, am I normal?

    Absolutely hated dealing with any person under the age of 18. I found that I was not only caring for the young patients, but hand-holding and caring for every adult in their life, too. I found it really stressful.
  3. I love my cat!

    Staying Positive in Nursing

    Knowing that the hours I have been assigned will be the ACTUAL hours that I will work. I absolutely hate being asked to stay late. I don't care what the reason is. But, I hate it even more when my employer tells me that I will need to come in 1-2 hours earlier the very next morning.
  4. I love my cat!

    To tell or not to tell!

    OP, I totally understand your frustrations. Nurses have always been taught to be patient advocates. In the real world of Nursing, it's not quite that simple. I say, unless you think you will never be making any mistakes, as Elsa sings, let it go. Why? When your coworkers find out that the newbie has been reporting them (yes, they will find out!) EVERY move you make will be watched and scrutinized. IMO, It's just not worth it being so new to a floor. You need as many coworkers on your side as you can possibly get.
  5. I love my cat!

    I feel uncomfortable doing this

    Definitely respond as soon as possible and tell her no. Be honest with her! Tell her you don't know her well enough to write an honest reference letter. If she's mature, she will totally understand. If she's not, well, this will be a good learning experience for her. Better to be honest and say no than to write some mediocre reference letter that she really can't use. I had an instructor do that to me. So passive-aggressive.
  6. I love my cat!

    Obesity: A disease or a lifestyle

    Today I learned that I am a gluttonous pig. Why? Because I can (and do) polish a box of Kraft mac 'n 'cheese by myself at least once a week. Oh, and I always use real butter and whole milk. DELICIOUS!! P.S. Typed while eating a piece of homemade chocolate cake with real buttercream frosting.
  7. I love my cat!


    I LOVE it when someone states in a thread, "I hate to _____" or "I really dislike dealing with patients who _____" and then the thread is flooded with replies along the lines of: --"Wow! Sure glad you're not my Nurse!1!!!" --"You should just quit Nursing, NOW!" --""Geeez, you must live some perfect life to be so judgmental!" --"Wait until someone needs to help you!!! :no:"
  8. I love my cat!

    Healthcare Facilities running out of medications + supplies

    Nasal cannulas and linens come to mind. UNREAL!
  9. I love my cat!

    Given a do over, which (feasible) career would you pursue?

    Sonographer. I was accepted to the program, but turned it down and entered Nursing. Almost two decades later and I still regret it. I would have also absolutely loved becoming a Veterinarian.
  10. I love my cat!

    Can an employer ask you what medications you are taking?

    Every place I've ever worked has asked for my list of current medications and has also required a mandatory drug test. Thankfully, the facilities where I have worked have always allowed Nurses taking prescribed scheduled medications to work. Just because a Nurse takes a scheduled drug does not mean that they are impaired or working 'under the influence'. That's such an antiquated belief, IMO. Honestly, I think we would lose half of our staff if they implemented a "no scheduled drugs' rule. And from what I understand, one reason that many facilities want to know about current medications is to defend themselves against any type of Workers Comp. claim...be it a psychological or a physical claim/injury.
  11. I love my cat!

    My favorite med:

    Dilauded push. In the PACU it is the difference between a patient screaming with 10/10 pain and a peaceful sleep.
  12. I love my cat!

    Best lotion for dry hands?

    I love Carmex lotion. It can be a bit tough to find, but it's amazing stuff.
  13. I work in a Hospital and I change into street clothes prior to leaving. My facility provides scrubs, so I never arrive/come home in work scrubs.
  14. I love my cat!

    Crowd funding: Yay or Nay?

    Sorry! I didn't mean for my post to come off as trying to "romanticize" my mother's and my Aunt's Nursing education. Their training was brutal. Their education was not inexpensive.....it was free! The Hospital picked up every cost. And you are absolutely right! Hospital-based Nursing training was extremely restrictive. They lived in dorms, ate in dorm-style cafeterias and needed permission to come and go. But, the program was always full and they recieved better training than most Nursing programs today, IMO. That style of education is definitely not for everyone. I'm pretty sure most people on this board would hate it. Personally, I would have loved it. I wish that style of training had been an option for me when I was young, single and broke. No student loans, no housing costs, no crazy part-time job hours and hands-on training every day. I would have loved it.
  15. I love my cat!

    Crowd funding: Yay or Nay?

    This is how my mom and my Aunt received their education and became RNs. This style of training is an excellent way to get the hands on skills that are so needed to be a confident and independent Nurse right out of school. Wish facilities would bring it back.
  16. I love my cat!

    What can you tolerate the least?

    Bowel movements, esp. loose BMs. I have never gotten use to it and no, nothing has ever helped or prevented me from gagging.