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ivyleaf has 14 years experience and specializes in Ambulatory Case Management, Clinic, Psychiatry.

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  1. ivyleaf

    Anyone here do coding?

    Im interested in coding auditor positions. I know there are free online programs (saw a bunch mentioned in a previous post). Are there are more formal courses you would suggest for getting your CPC or CCS? Any tips for breaking into coding?
  2. OP, any luck?
  3. I would try working as an RN in a clinic before going for your NP. A lot of people think they will like it, and end up not finding it's a great fit. I thought I might wanted to do primary care as an NP myself, until I worked in primary care as a nurse.
  4. ivyleaf

    Anyone regret leaving the clinic for remote job?

    Short answer: definitely no regrets. Long answer: My last job was as a float nurse (both direct patient care and case management) for an outpatient clinic group. 2 years ago I started a job as an outpatient case manager & manager for medicaid members w/behavioral health issues. My job was originally in the office, but due to COVID I have been 95% remote since late March. I love it. I am an introvert though, like to manage my own time/plan my day, have my own space, minimal interruptions. If you are very social/extroverted it may be difficult. Cons: in the time of covid at least, you don't leave your house much. Absolutely no regrets, im hoping to stay mostly remote in the future
  5. OP: did you end up changing to hospital case management?
  6. ivyleaf

    Case Management Nursing (CM)

    40 patients sounds like WAY too many for acute care!! I have only heard of hospital case managers having between 10-25 patients!!
  7. Everything the previous poster said. Start applying.
  8. ivyleaf

    New grad job search in Boston Mass

    BMC has a new grad program. Beth israel hires new grads into their 'clinical nurse 1' positions. MGH is almost impossible to get into if you don't work there as a CNA. I have heard of new grads getting into Brigham and womens as well. Also the steward facilities are worth a try (carney in dorchester, st Elizabeths in brighton). Also spaulding hospital- they have an acute rehab in boston/charlestown, and a LTAC (vents, drips, tele) in cambridge.
  9. ivyleaf

    Which path would you choose?

    what do you mean by "epic job"- is the job in informatics?
  10. ivyleaf

    Infusion nurse or Urgent care?

    I would apply to both, who knows if you will get an interview? Very different roles. Also, how good with you are IVs? Infusion is more scheduled/predictable.
  11. ivyleaf

    New graduate RN programs for mental health

    Yes but im not familiar w CA. In MA facilities will often take new grads into psych since there is such a need and most folks want to go into med/surg.
  12. ivyleaf

    Haven’t found my niche

    agree with MHD. What dont you like about the jobs? the patients? Hours? weekends? coworkers?
  13. ivyleaf

    Conflicted about going to ED

    I Agree with nurse beth
  14. ivyleaf

    Med/surg to ER or Management?

    Will you regret not trying ED if you go into management and stay there? If so, do it. I wish I had done ED but 13 years into my career its much harder to make the switch.
  15. ivyleaf

    New Grad can't determine best route

    I would take what you can get. You might not get the residency position if you wait. Any experience Is helpful and you are getting paid
  16. Anyone who has done both have any thoughts, pros/cons or each, what you liked most/least about each? I am assuming that *generally* inpatient is faster paced/higher pressure, and outpatient has more flexibility. Also thinking there may be more family involvement/pressure in the inpatient setting. But, interested in hearing from others. I am in an outpatient setting now but looking to eventually move into inpatient CM. Thank you!