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  1. Portsmouth Regional Hospital

    did you end up taking the position? I think it's an HCA hospital, right?
  2. RN salary-Boston

    yes, definitely possible depending on # years experience. are you looking for a travel position or staff? from my understanding some of the best paying hospitals in boston are BWH, mgh (just got a raise), BMC. MGH has good ratios
  3. exciting, congrats on the interviews! depends what you're more interested in. case management you will still be in touch with patients/families, where you won't in informatics. which do you prefer? I would think more about ...
  4. some ideas/thoughts: utilization review, clinical documentation improvement/cdi, case manager for insurance company doing either your or chronic disease management, telephone triage, homecare -- depends what your interests are.
  5. Rheumatology Nurse

    I was a float nurse in a clinic group and spent almost a year in rheumatology. It depends if you have an infusion clinic that you will be working as part of. My day was split mostly between rooming patients (height/weight/vitals/chief complaint/med r...
  6. Pregant nurse giving methotrexate?

    I think it is recommended to use chemo grade gloves to admin methotrexate. I think if you are wearing those, it should be fine- but always good to look @ a reputable online source and/or ask OB.
  7. Psych Hospitals and EMR’s

    Psych units in "general"/regular hospitals should use EMRs. Salem hospital/north shore medical center in salem does, is hiring, and recently expanded their units. I would think Carney and St Elizabeth's would have EMRs Tufts Medical ...
  8. New Grad Critical Care Job Search in Boston

    these positions are extremely competitive. there are a ton of nursing schools in/around boston. usually the people who get these positions either already work at the facilities, or are doing their clinical rotations there. I wouldnt limit your a...
  9. Transitioning into acute care

    I would suggest LTC/rehab or LTAC as a step towards acute care. Another option would be getting a psych position in a general/"regular" hospital and transferring to a medical unit after a year. I have seen both work.
  10. Career Change

    I'd consider having someone take a look at your resume. I see a lot of MDS positions in long term care. Also case management-- outpatient and long term care/rehab specifically. Home health, primary care/clinic/urgent care, behavioral health/psych, ph...
  11. dId either of you end up working in CDI? Would love to know more!
  12. Anyone here do coding?

    Im interested in coding auditor positions. I know there are free online programs (saw a bunch mentioned in a previous post). Are there are more formal courses you would suggest for getting your CPC or CCS? Any tips for breaking into coding?
  13. Looking for a job with only Ambulatory Care experience

    OP, any luck?
  14. Career advice for aspiring Clinic RN / Primary Care NP

    I would try working as an RN in a clinic before going for your NP. A lot of people think they will like it, and end up not finding it's a great fit. I thought I might wanted to do primary care as an NP myself, until I worked in primary ca...
  15. Anyone regret leaving the clinic for remote job?

    Short answer: definitely no regrets. Long answer: My last job was as a float nurse (both direct patient care and case management) for an outpatient clinic group. 2 years ago I started a job as an outpatient case manager & manager for m...