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Anyone here do coding?


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Im interested in coding auditor positions. I know there are free online programs (saw a bunch mentioned in a previous post). Are there are more formal courses you would suggest for getting your CPC or CCS? Any tips for breaking into coding? 


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I am interested in coding certification, RHIT, RHIA, CPC, any of them. What is the best way to get these and are there any programs that are less than $3,000.00?


RuggerKJ RN, BSN, RN

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Not sure if you're still interested in this area, but I would recommend you look for Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists jobs (could be called something different depending on where you are). I worked in this dept for a year and worked closely with coders. You need to be able to know ICD-10 regulations in accordance with Medicare and insurance reimbursement policies. You also need to be able to think critically about physician diagnoses (pathophysiology) because you will be auditing those primarily. Very good non-bedside job- and rewarding, in my opinion. They may even help you get certified in coding and CCDS. 

I have not found anything free but most of what I have viewed has been 2-3K. I’m most worried about finding employment if I make the commitment and starting salary of course. 

@Nitengale166, have you found any courses yet on coding. I am also interesting on getting a certification, but it is so expensive.  Will it be easy to find a job after that?