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DataJack BSN-RN has 11 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Informatics, Critical Care, Case Management.

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  1. Promoting Interoperability - who does it at your facility?

    I know this is a >month old post, but just seeing this. At my facility, this is shared between Informatics and Quality. Informatics provides the reports and the data while Quality does the attestations. I really have minimal involvement in this, b...
  2. Question to all NIs

    Yes to all your questions. I think you might be confused because you might be thinking "either this or that," but the answer is all of the above. The biggest difference for me was going from a front-line and critical role to a supportive one. My role...
  3. Flowsheets Comment in EPIC

    Hi, Have you tried typing f6 to write in the comments after hitting your character limit?
  4. Professional Organizations

    I recently crossed over to Informatics and I still have a membership with ANA. I was just wondering what professional organizations are people on this board members of? My first inclination is to cancel ANA and join ANIA, for the resources, support, ...
  5. What would you change about Health Technology?

  6. Great!! I'm glad you chose Informatics. Hoping for the best for you!
  7. Hi JLA, Hopefully your interviews went well this week. I am a clinical informatics coordinator and I have also worked in case management. Both are good nursing jobs that have a different scope than your traditional bedside position. CM pr...

    Hi Len, I'm sure that you know but you can search the board for people who have the same questions and have a similar situation as you. Coding, Analytics, and Informatics are three very different things to be involved in. As a nurse I would rec...
  9. Nursing Informatics or Neonate speciality, anyone?

    @Len One other thing. I believe that clinical skills are very important, and clinical experience is just as important in the Informatics world as technical skills. This is because as an Informatics Nurse you will be primarily working with the en...
  10. Your Experience in Caring for People Diagnosed With COVID

    I've worked most of 2020 as a staff RN in an urban community hospital intensive care unit. The census was so full that in order to have a clean ICU we had PACU nurses take crash courses in critical care just so we can have a clean unit for people to ...
  11. ASN to BS-HIM or RN-MSN NI?

    Hey Kate, Someone once told me that job titles can be misleading and you really have to look at the job description or else directly ask the managers for their own expectations of the job, ESPECIALLY in informatics. Some common ones you wi...
  12. ASN to BS-HIM or RN-MSN NI?

    Hi there, I think it depends on what kind of informatics you want to do. I have a BSN and will be completing my MSHI at some point. I am currently in an inpatient informatics team that has both nurses and people with IT backgrounds. The differe...
  13. Nursing Informatics (NI)

    Hi Sara, the job hunt is always the catch 22 for newbies, right? Don't be discouraged. Keep at it. In the meanwhile, if you are still working a clinical/bedside role I would recommend that you get in touch with your quality team/committee and see wha...
  14. Predictive Analytics

    Hi Koki, I have a friend who is also a nurse who taught himself SQL, and now has the current title of Senior Analytics Engineer and I'm pretty sure he works in predictive health analysis. I am interested in database management and analysis and ...
  15. Nursing Informatics or Neonate speciality, anyone?

    Len, it seems like we were at a similar situation. It really does depend on you want to be. Here are my reasons for leaving the bedside, and no offense to anyone who works bedside. I have a 9 year nursing background in several units that ranges...