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I recently crossed over to Informatics and I still have a membership with ANA. I was just wondering what professional organizations are people on this board members of? My first inclination is to cancel ANA and join ANIA, for the resources, support, and free CNEs. I don't have my Masters but I do want to start working towards board certification and figured ANIA would provide some informatics-specific CNEs. Is it a good idea to keep my ANA membership?

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ANIA: American Nursing Informatics Association is a nationwide nursing informatics group that is very active.  HIMSS, a general HIT organization, also has a nursing workgroup and a very active nursing informatics membership.  Also, there are local groups like NENIC in New England.  AMIA also has a nursing informatics workgroup.  I am sure there are others.  I think ANIA would be a good first choice for a national group. 

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