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Reno1978 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in SRNA.

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  1. Reno1978

    University of Minnesota DNP 2015

    Decisions went out today, I heard.
  2. Reno1978

    Anyone Travel to Minneapolis and Stay for Good?

    Thanks for all of the advice - sorry for my late reply. Things worked out for the best and he was offered a hospital based position before we moved and he only had 8-9 mos of experience at the time, so I feel that was very forunate. I'm shocked at how well nurses are treated here. He's making as a new nurse (1 year exp on the pay scale) as much working a .75 FTE as I was back home working a .9 FTE with 6 years experience. So cool!
  3. Reno1978

    GRE scores

    Cool! Best of luck to you. nurse-anesthesia.org has a nice interview prep guide somewhere on their forums - check that out! It has many common questions so you can practice and other information you may be challenged to know during an interview.
  4. Reno1978

    what if...

    UNR did not have an examination to enroll in the nursing program. You should be able to apply after doing the core curriculum and prerequisites. I couldn't find anything about an entrance exam on their website when I looked.
  5. Reno1978

    Relocating to Minneapolis: OR jobs/agencies question

    Well, I'm relocating this fall, too, so the only info I can provide you with is the time to process your license by endorsement. I submit my online application and license verification (I was able to use Nursys) on 4/28. They require a "Confirmation of Nursing Employment" form to be filled out by your current employer, so I did that on 4/29 and mailed the form to the board of nursing on 4/30. My license was issued on 5/5. If your original state of licensure and current state of licensure doesn't utilize Nursys for license verification services, there will probably be further delay as you have to submit a physical form to the board(s) of nursing to verify your license via snail mail. I'm curious if you've had any luck, or even started, with finding employment. My husband is a RN and is looking into the possibility to using a agency to find a job. I'll be enrolled in grad school and won't be working.
  6. Reno1978

    How old were you when you began?

    I'll be 36 when I start my nurse anesthesia program this fall. 39 when I graduate in fall of 2017.
  7. I'm relocating to Minneapolis for grad school in August and will not be working. My husband is a working RN who will have a year of experience this fall. We were thinking it might be a good idea for him to utilize a travel agency to get his foot in the door at some Twin Cities hospitals. I've heard there is a demand for travel nurses in Minneapolis in the wintertime. This way, we'd get some help with living expenses, and he'd get to check out some facilities and can either move along or pursue a permanent position at a hospital he likes. It almost seems like an easier way to explore job opportunities than trying to secure permanent positions while living/working out of state. Thoughts?
  8. Reno1978

    Did You Know You Wanted to Do Anesthesia Before...

    When I was researching how to become a nurse, I learned about the CRNA role. It helped solidify my decision to become a RN. Once I was in nursing school and did my OR rotation, I ended up with a surgeon doing spinal surgeries through a microscope and a 1" incision, so since I couldn't see anything, I hung out with anesthesia all day and watched what he did. After that, I knew I wanted to become a CRNA. I've also shadowed CRNAs on OB floors, outpatient eye surgery centers and regular hospital OR, and it was really nice to see some of the practice settings CRNAs work in. I start my schooling to become a CRNA this fall and I'm excited about my future profession.
  9. Reno1978

    Jobs in Reno:

    I moved away in 2009. I'm still a RN. I wouldn't go back to Reno to work as a RN is what I meant to convey. It's not an awful place to work, but the grass was definitely a lot greener when I arrived in WA state (salary, working conditions, benefits, etc).
  10. Reno1978

    Anyone else starting UMN this Fall?

    Yeah. From WA state.
  11. Reno1978

    crna loan payment plan after graduation

    I got my BSN in 2007 and worked in the ICU since a new grad. I've lived very frugally and saved money. By the time I start nurse anesthesia school this fall, I plan on having around 100k saved. My husband is a RN so he'll be able to pay household expenses while I'm in school for 36 months. I think I'm still going to take full advantage of financial aid to cover tuition and do my best to let my nest egg grow, and if I end up as a CRNA with most of my savings intact, I'll get out of debt pretty dang fast.
  12. Reno1978

    St. Mary's University CRNA starting in 2014

    Letters went out today, I hear.
  13. Reno1978

    St. Mary's University CRNA starting in 2014

    Best of luck to you! I'm also (im)patiently waiting to hear if I got in or not!
  14. Reno1978

    HELP facing misdemeanor traffic charge on monday.

    Be honest about anything in your criminal background and explain it thoroughly. Nursing, as a profession, doesn't require everyone to have a clean background, but there is concern when criminal charges point towards poor judgement - especially if that poor judgement can affect patient care. Driving a vehicle without registration, while illegal, probably wouldn't be deemed something that would impact your practice as a nurse or a threat to patient safety, unless your responsibilities included driving a patient somewhere. Of course, this is just my opinion. I would call the Board of Nursing and tell them what happened and ask for advice.
  15. Reno1978

    When the hospital cancels you for a shift...

    We have no mandatory low census for RNs where I work, so the hospital never calls RNs off that are PT or FT FTE. We typically have nurses who request low census, since we're rarely entirely full. It usually works out that there's already a volunteer or someone will volunteer when staffing calls to ask. However, we have the right to work if we're scheduled. If we accept low census, we're paid $3.50/hr while we're on call for the remainder of our scheduled shift. If called in, we get call back pay of 1.5x pay. In the rare case that there are no volunteers and there are more RNs than needed for a patient assignment, the hospital may call off a non-RN position and assign an extra RN to perform those tasks (telemetry clerk, unit secretary, etc). That pretty much sums it up!
  16. Reno1978

    Advice on becoming a RN for a male

    Here's a list of all school's in MO and their pass rates. Board of Nursing One thing to evaluate when you're selecting a school is the pass rate. What good is going to school if you have trouble passing the licensing exam, right? You'll notice on the school list there are schools that offer practical nursing - this means they're LPN programs. Then there are school that offer professional nursing - this means they're RN programs - they're further broken down into ADN or BSN programs. There are a lot of options in your state - I would suggest going through this list and finding schools near your area and visiting their websites to look into what they require to get into their programs. Nursing school admissions can be greatly competitive and some schools may base their admission criteria around GPA, some may do a lottery, some may require other entrance exams, etc. Although most prerequisite classes are similar, some schools may require class(es) another school may not. It's all up to the school. After you find a few schools that interest you, make appointments to go see an academic advisor there. They'll get you on your path to start taking general education classes and satisfying your prerequisites. Nursing school isn't easy. It's doable. I didn't go back to college until I was in the workforce as a high school graduate for about 8 years. When it's your future at stake, you do what it takes to make sure you get good grades. I was able to work FT while I finished my prerequisites. After that, I had to quit my job and do the nursing program full time without working. There is financial aid and loans available to help with living expenses. Associate's degree or BSN...personal preference. If your goal is to be a RN, it doesn't matter. If you can imagine yourself continuing your education someday to become an educator or nurse practitioner, a BSN may benefit you. In my case, I realized it was going to take me two years to do my prerequisites and two years for the nursing program no matter if I got my ASN or BSN, so I went ahead and pursued a BSN. I'm glad I did now that I plan on applying to graduate school this fall. My best advice is to just go for it - get organized, have a plan, get good grades, and make your academic success your priority while you're in school. Good luck!

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