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  1. Reno1978

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    WA State (Tri-Cities) $33.88/hr ICU RN BSN, CCRN, BLS, ACLS, PALS, TNCC 6 years experience Full Time Night Shift Nights $3.75/hr, Weekend $3.5/hr, Charge $2.75/hr, Preceptor $2/hr Not a manager In 2013, I made $86,200.
  2. Reno1978

    Should I Take a Different Path to Become a Nurse?

    Probably the reason they limit the number of credits you can transfer is because you're only transferring in 2 years worth of college credits to satisfy the general requirements & prerequisites for your BSN. You're going to have 2 years of schooling at the university to satisfy the rest of the courses. Furthermore, CC usually only offer courses at the 100 & 200 level, whereas your nursing courses would be at the 300 & 400 level.
  3. Reno1978

    Communicating with patients that don't speak English

    We have Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, and ASL interpreters available. The Spanish ones are FT and are in the hospital until about 10pm at night. Afterwards, and at all times for the other ones, we call them in. If it's a language we don't have a person to interpret for, we use the language line.
  4. Reno1978

    what is considered high acuity?

    Nope, where I work, it's: green/yellow/red.
  5. Reno1978

    Personal qualities for OR/ICU/ED/ER/critical care nursing

    Obsessive compulsive disorder. Some ICU types are like that. I personally don't think I'm like that. I'm thorough and can usually tell you highlights of my patients' course of hospitalization, current labwork, lines, drips, etc., from the top of my head...but I don't view that as OCD. I view that as safe nursing practice in an ICU setting. I view my patients with the following mindset: They're trying their hardest to die & I'm trying to stop them from dying. It can be a very stressful, sad, and depressing place to work at times, and you need to have solid views on patient advocacy, health, dying, and death. It can also be a place of celebration as you witness the small steps forward the sickest patients make, eventually walking out of the hospital.
  6. Reno1978

    Confusion about being licensed in different state.

    Just another point, when you do get your approval to take the NCLEX, you get to select the facility you take the test at (Michigan for example) and the licensing body that you have an outstanding application at (Florida for example).
  7. Reno1978

    Confusion about being licensed in different state.

    Find the Board of Nursing's webpage for FL. Look for an application for RN license by EXAMINATION and follow the directions. Contrary to what people tell you, you DO NOT have to get your license in the state you went to school in. You can apply for a FL license, take the NCLEX in MI, and be all set when you move to FL with your license in hand. It appears that they accept online applications, but the paper application is here: http://doh.state.fl.us/mqa/nursing/ap_licensure-RN-LPN.pdf Looks like it consists of filling out the application and paying your fees, and requesting your transcripts from your school to be sent to the FL BON. GOOD LUCK!
  8. Reno1978

    do you get paid more for certifications?

    We get $1.00/hr for specialty certifications, like CCRN for ICU, CEN for ER, etc.
  9. Reno1978

    Punctured lung via OG tube with intubated patient?

    You would think there'd be a lot of coughing, but I once inserted a small bore feeding NGT on an awake, alert patient. The patient coughed once or twice, nothing dramatic, and I hit resistance before I hit the mark I expected I'd be able to advance it. XR showed it in the right lung, no question. With that being said there was no pneumothorax, and I think you'd have to hit resistance and be quite forceful to cause one in this manner.
  10. Reno1978

    Anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    To all those complaining that it isn't an accurate portrayal of nurses...who is going to sit at home on a couch and watch me, on television, sit in front of a computer and chart on my patients, and administer drugs, and do procedures for 30 minutes per week. Give me a break, my life at work is boring...who'd want to watch my job on TV?
  11. I forgot to mention that there is one question that you have to answer with interpretive dance. I'm in the Tri-Cities.
  12. Good luck you guys! I live/work in WA state and WSU grads that I work with say you go in to a panel interview, select an envelope from a hat that includes 3-4 questions. Everyone I've asked seems to say that one of the questions is the obvious "Why do you want to be a nurse?" whereas the rest are more general interview-type questions (3 weaknesses, how you work on a team, etc.) My best friend just completed an interview this Saturday and feels good about the outcome - now the month long wait to see if it's a Yea or a Nea! Fingers crossed for Yea!
  13. Reno1978

    Anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    Dexter and The C Word are both amazing!
  14. Reno1978

    Anyone watch Nurse Jackie?

    I watch Nurse Jackie and I really enjoy the show. I find it entertaining.
  15. What date did you get your interview on? The 16th?