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Reno1978 has 6 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in SRNA.

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  1. Reno1978

    University of Minnesota DNP 2015

    Decisions went out today, I heard.
  2. Reno1978

    Anyone Travel to Minneapolis and Stay for Good?

    Thanks for all of the advice - sorry for my late reply. Things worked out for the best and he was offered a hospital based position before we moved and he only had 8-9 mos of experience at the time, so I feel that was very forunate. I'm shocked at ho...
  3. Reno1978


    Depends on the school. Most master's programs are 24-30 months. Most doctorate programs are 36 months. A list of all schools can be found here: CRNA School Search The search results include program length in months. Hope this helps!
  4. Reno1978


    I used the Kaplan book to review for the GRE. I also had a friend give me flashcards for GRE vocabulary to help in that area (also by Kaplan). I found the Kaplan book to be a great review for some math concepts that I was rusty with. Also, the str...
  5. Reno1978

    what if...

    So you just need good grades and a language exam if English isn't your native tongue. I didn't need volunteer experience or letters of recommendation. Good luck!
  6. Reno1978

    what if...

    It took me four semesters to do prereqs. I would look at the website and see what they require. Things may have changed since I went. I didn't need a recommendation letter or volunteer experience when I applied.
  7. Reno1978

    GRE scores

    Cool! Best of luck to you. has a nice interview prep guide somewhere on their forums - check that out! It has many common questions so you can practice and other information you may be challenged to know during an interview.
  8. Reno1978

    what if...

    UNR did not have an examination to enroll in the nursing program. You should be able to apply after doing the core curriculum and prerequisites. I couldn't find anything about an entrance exam on their website when I looked.
  9. Reno1978

    Relocating to Minneapolis: OR jobs/agencies question

    Well, I'm relocating this fall, too, so the only info I can provide you with is the time to process your license by endorsement. I submit my online application and license verification (I was able to use Nursys) on 4/28. They require a "Confirmation...
  10. Reno1978

    How old were you when you began?

    I'll be 36 when I start my nurse anesthesia program this fall. 39 when I graduate in fall of 2017.
  11. I'm relocating to Minneapolis for grad school in August and will not be working. My husband is a working RN who will have a year of experience this fall. We were thinking it might be a good idea for him to utilize a travel agency to get his foot in ...
  12. Reno1978

    Did You Know You Wanted to Do Anesthesia Before...

    When I was researching how to become a nurse, I learned about the CRNA role. It helped solidify my decision to become a RN. Once I was in nursing school and did my OR rotation, I ended up with a surgeon doing spinal surgeries through a microscope a...
  13. Reno1978

    Jobs in Reno:

    I moved away in 2009. I'm still a RN. I wouldn't go back to Reno to work as a RN is what I meant to convey. It's not an awful place to work, but the grass was definitely a lot greener when I arrived in WA state (salary, working conditions, benefits, ...
  14. Reno1978

    Anyone else starting UMN this Fall?

    Yeah. From WA state.
  15. Reno1978

    Samuel Merritt University CRNA Program

    1 year is the bare minimum. No programs will accept less than 1 year. Some programs require more.