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  1. Do you think a lot of Nurses/CNAs mean?

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From my own experiences and seeing things. I honestly want to know why so many CNAs and nurses are so stuck up and down right mean/rude. Not only to me, and other CNAs/nurses, but to their patients and residents also. Their are a lot of terribly mean CNAs at my facility I work at. A lot of the residents hate them and prefer me to help them with their ADLs and even giving them their meds because they don't like the nurses/med techs and other CNAs. It's hard because you have all these people wanting you to care for them and you can't. Why are some of you so mean/rude? I'm not attacking anyone to targeting anyone. I'm just genuinely curious to why some of you nurses and CNAs are so mean.

Do do you agree?


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Well then it's a good thing they have you. Too bad the only people your facility hires are mean nasty people.


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Thank you, and I feel so bad for them on days that I'm not there..

Nurses and CNA's can appear to be "mean".

They are actually just frustrated with the current working conditions. We are overworked and underpaid. We are flogged like a mule with outrageous workloads... in order to make money for the "man".

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I'm just genuinely curious to why some of you nurses and CNAs are so mean.

Do do you agree?

OP, I noticed in one of your previous posts that you are in junior high. I wasn't even aware that someone as young as you could be employed as an aide but I'm not from the US and I guess this differs from my country. Because of your age I gather that you have limited work experience?

Are some nurses and CNAs rude or mean? Most likely. They exist in all professions and if they seem to be more prevalent in the healthcare field than elsewhere I'd venture a guess and say that it's due to stress. Many healthcare employers work their employees to the bone. Insufficient staffing for prolonged periods of time and unsupportive management that constantly demand that employees do more with less will rob most people of joy and job satisfaction. Add to that the nagging fear that you'll miss something or make a mistake and thus cause harm to a patient because you don't have enough time to gather your thoughts and reflect, it's not that strange if a person's patience wears thin or tempers run high.

You're still new to the job and I assume idealistic. I you continue working in the healthcare arena I hope that you manage to retain your happy disposition five, ten and twenty years down the road. Whether you do or not, I think that you might view your own posts in this thread differently in say five years time, should you choose to revisit it. One's perspective usually changes with life and work experience.

This isn't the sort of thing you want to put out in public attached to a real picture of yourself. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but that doesn't look like a stock photo.

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Macawake, she's a junior in high school, so that puts her around 16-17.

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Why do people generalize?


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Pangea reunited, It was a picture from a national park but now it's a picture of a cartoon. I love your avatar though, sea turtles are my favorite animal


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I've encountered a few "mean" nurses and aides over the years but, in my experience, they have been the exception, not the rule.

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Since you are in high school yet, I am going to make the assumption that the hours you work are limited. That may have something to do with how you are perceiving things. Also, why are you giving meds? That is not usually in the scope of CNA duties.

Make sure you are all working as a team. Working with each other and not against each other. That can promote good will among all.

Many of the nurses and aids you work with probably work full time and have for a number of years. This can lead to apathy unfortunately. You are new to it and excited about the work you do, plus you work part time with limitations set by labor laws. You are able to see things through a fresh set of eyes. Nothing wrong with that at all. It is great to see one excited about what they do. Whatever you do, don't talk negatively about your coworkers to the residents. Not saying you are doing this, but be sure you are not.

Go about your work doing the best you can.


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Thank you, and I feel so bad for them on days that I'm not there..

This is a joke, right??????

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