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  1. Help with SATA

    Look at the question and then treat each choice as a true/false question. Hope that makes sense.
  2. Longer commute for less pay. Worth it?

    If you are taking the same pay cut I would stay at current company and avoid the commute. My time is valuable and if it means an extra 3 hours on the road I wouldn't do it. That's also extra gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. If youre unhappy in ...
  3. Off orientation--scared

    In case anyone has been following my story. Thought I'd post an update. I have been working as a nurse for about 4 1/2 months now. Off orientation for about 10weeks. All of a sudden, last week it dawned on me that i was starting to get it. I am learn...
  4. cuff pressure for trach

    If you plug the teach without deflating the cuff your patient will not be able to breathe. When the cuff is inflated air moves in and out through the teach. When the cuff is deflated air moves up and down through the mouth/nose.
  5. The above poster is correct. Bully's are everywhere. I also think it can be a department or facility specific behavior. Leadership goes along way. If leadership allows that kind of behavior from its employees or actually behaves that way, bullying se...
  6. The crying and and anxiety are normal. Look around these boards. Especially the first year after licensure board. I have been going through the whole crying and anxiety thing. I am now 4 months in and the fear has slowly subsided. One of my good fri...
  7. I did clinicals at a hospital last year that had a nurse who wore her cap, but none of the other garb. Regular scrubs. Just the cap.
  8. quitting school, pls help.

    Have you spoke to an academic or guidance counselor? They may be able to help you.
  9. I am starting to get depressed

    Oh my I know how you are feeling. I too, am a new grad. I have been with my job for 4 months. Probably about 8 weeks on my own now. Things were feeling ok while I was still on orientation, I felt somewhat comforted by the fact I still had the safety ...
  10. Off orientation--scared

    Thanks ruby vee. I know that I have to go through it. And everyone does. I just want it to be over. I do need some tough love. Someone to snap me out of it and tell me to "suck it up buttercup." I assume every new nurse feels very similar, but it st...
  11. Off orientation--scared

    Here it is six weeks later and I am still struggling. I just can't seem to stop myself from being so hard on myself. I had a good week and thought things were starting to fall into place. And then the last shift I worked all heck broke loose. I could...
  12. What is your work routine?

    During my initial assessment I talk to the patient and find out things out that way. Later on, as I am charting or if I have a question I will review notes, labs etc. Sometimes I might check labs quickly prior to med pass if I am verifying a potass...
  13. New grad in the float pool?!

    Most float pool positions in my area want experienced RN's. They don't want to have to teach you how to be a nurse. Just orient you to the unit and let you fly. I am a new grad too and I am just one month off of my orientation and am still learning n...
  14. Forced to get flu shot or wear a mask

    Better than the option of get the shot or voluntarily terminate your position.
  15. Hi-have been working in an ltach for almost three months now. First job out of school. Would love to hear about others experiences in this specialty. I know there must be others out there working in ltach, but this seems like a pretty quiet forum. A...