Why is there no medical terminology class for the RN program? Among others.


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We learned terminology in my first semester but it was not a separate class. We had a vocabulary quiz at the beginning of eat of our skill lab days.

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I think Medical Terminology provides a good foundation for future A&P courses. I am taking Medical Terminology now and I see how it is going to benefit me long term.


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i had med term in my ADN course work. You might want to look at the prospectus of the school program and see if they have shaved any other classes off to quicken up the program. Just as in the real world, we nurses are responsible to maintain our own knowledge base.

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I took a med term course while taking my prereqs. My instructor was tough, and 20 people actually dropped the class. What I liked about this instructor is that she went to pathophys not just memorization. We did case studies, and research as well. I learned a lot from that instructor, she was uncompromising (which I like, and she had "the goods" to back it up).

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Medical terminology was a class in my LPN program, back in the stone age when I went to school. It was a good class. It taught us about prefixes and suffixes, made it very easy to figure out a word. Get this, it was on filmstrips...lol. I know, what's a filmstrip:lol2:


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Hi all, I was going through my school information tonight, I am not yet a student. I noticed that the CMA program they have seems to have alot more "stuff" about basic healthcare than the RN program does. Like Medical Terminology. It's a whole class in the CMA program but not even mentioned in the outline for the RN program. Is that just something that you learn along the way in the RN program? I noticed a couple other classes to that aren't listed on the RN program. Just curious how this works.

I also find it extra crazy that RN programs don't require medical terminology. i had a coworker that was premed while i was taking my nursing prereqs who recommended i take medical terminology as an elective before i started the program. it was immensely helpful and i would recommend anyone pursuing nursing to take a medical terminology class.

it's kind of funny when i hear nurses mispronounce a medical term while talking to an MD and they give them a funny look... lol. but yeah, it really helped me and whenever i came across a term i was unfamiliar with i was able to figure it out. and if u still can't, there is always stedman's medical dictionary :)

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I am taking my prereqs for a BSN program and medical terminology is one of the first classes I am taking. It is considered a science "elective" but mandantory none the less.


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I decided to take Medical Terminology during A&P I because I knew I would use many of the terms later for A&P II and other classes. I personally benefited from the class, and it was easy "elective" credits since it was an online course.

At my school, while it's not a class, it's expected that you pick up medical terminology starting in A&P I. Often there is some terminology included on tests. My current A&P prof gave us a list of prefixes and suffixes so that we could learn those and in effect start learning medical terminology. And she uses a lot of terminology daily.

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Are there any good books or websites for those of us who would like to start learning terminology on our own?

EDIT: Never mind - I already have Mosby's Medical Terminology cards! I think my brain is going to mush!! :lol2:


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I'm only in A&P I and I wish I'd taken a medical terminology course! We're learning bones, and having to learn the names of bones and attributes as well as the location of the bones is almost overwhelming.

I'm not good at sounding out Latin or Greek words, so I use this website to help me with pronunciation: