Why is there no medical terminology class for the RN program? Among others.


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i took ocean county colleges medical terminology i and ii through continuing education online and loved it. i was taking my other pre-requisite nursing courses for credit and i didn't want to chance getting a less than perfect grade.


i found the med term courses a huge help and i didn't have to worry about a grade. you just get a ceu certificate that says you passed and my nursing home paid for the course. most of my friends in the nursing program said that they wish they had taken a medical terminology before starting their nursing program.



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medical terminology was not required in our nursing program after I completed the LPN program, while I was doing pre-required classes and the co-required classes. I took a medical terminology class. BEST thing I ever did. It helped me imensly and I had wished I had taken it early in my LPN program.

It is now required as a pre req for our LPN program.


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We have a medical terminology class as a prereq. I thought it was very valuable, obviously so does the college! You may want to look at the pass percentage for the college and make sure you are being fully prepared for the boards.


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That would be a good study to do... see if there is a corralation in pass rates between schools that require the course and those that don't.

My school offers it but does not require it and has first time registered candidates NCLEX pass rates of 100% for LPN and for 95% RN.


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I, too, am not in an RN program (yet), however, i suggest taking it at your local adult school. That's exactly what I did (and cheaper). I actually took it on-line. Although I could have purchased a book on my own & go through the exercises, the class made me more accountable for it. Trust me, it's helping me a lot. I'm also a volunteer-intern at an acute hospital, and phishing through charts has helped tremendously. I can actually understand some of the jargon. If you can't take a class right now, purchase a used Medical Terminology book online (i did that, too. Amazon has some great finds). Used versions are cheaper- medical terminology is pretty basic so not having the most updated version won't kill you. Best of luck! :)


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It's not a big topic to have a separate class for, it is giving in the beginning of nursing class. What they do need is a pharmacology with math course by itself


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I took it as an elective in my pre-reqs and found it helped a lot with prepping for A&P.