Who's Left ??

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We don't get out until June 16..... We must have lots of our SN's already out, because this board is way too quiet !! :roflmao:

The kids get out on the 3rd but I am doing last minute paperwork til June 7

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Here until the 13th. They wouldn't move it to Friday because graduation is the 13th. Ten more days!!!!

I'm here until Friday, June 3rd, then I'm outta here!! :woot: WOOT WOOT!!!

Students get out on June 3rd. I come back on June 6th to destroy meds and box up records and then I am done.

So far I have seen a steady stream of sunburns after that long holiday weekend. Well, next time use sunscreen has been my reply. One teacher wrote on pass, severe sunburn. I did not see any blistering and she was starting to peel.........

June 3 for us too.

June 7th for the kids and the 8th for me.

Last day is June 10th. Our school is moving to another building so I have to help with the move the 13th and 14th...

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June 17 kids. June 20 1/2 day to appease the taxpayers...not a whole lot gets done

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