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SnowyJ has 28 years experience as a RN.

Rn since 1987, multiple specialty areas, but primarily Maternal/Child nursing.

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  1. SnowyJ

    Honey, I'm Home!

    I knew I could count on my SN brethren to give good advice! You guys are the best!
  2. SnowyJ

    Honey, I'm Home!

    Hello, School Nurse friends! I wish very very much that I could say I am here because I went back to school nursing. But alas, that is not the case. Just over a year ago, I took a job as a telephonic CM, and it is just not my thing. I work from home, and it is isolating and restrictive being tethered to a headset and monitored 8 hours a day. I took this job because I basically had to. My husband's job ended, and we couldn't run our household on the low School Nurse salary. So now his situation is changing and I don't "have" to stay at this job. Though the $ is ridiculously good. My question to you all..Am I crazy to want out? I miss being around people so much. My husband will be away the majority of the time, and that will make it even worse. Part of me says just deal and stop being a wuss, the other part says life is too short to be miserable. I miss my old life, and all of you! I trust your input. XO S.
  3. SnowyJ

    Insurance Case Management

    I am going to jump in and say I made the change to work at home CM for an insurance company and honestly, I don't love it. BUT that could be because my job is VERY production/quota based. I am tied to a wired headset all day. The calls are constant, and every minute is monitored by admin. Even if I take a bathroom break, it counts toward my pre scheduled 15 minute break. Once all my calls are monitored, and I am evaluated monthly on "quality" (i.e. How many calls I can make and how productive they deem it to be.) The truth is, I miss clinical nursing. I feel like I work in a sweat shop. I think it's the nature of my particular position. I have friends that do CM and are under much less pressure/micro management. The pay is good. That's one plus. But the truth is I feel isolated and under constant pressure to perform. Not sure how much longer I want to do it. I'd like to at least stay a year.
  4. SnowyJ

    Telephonic Case Manager

    I'm not sure why auto dialer is a bad thing? It does take some getting used to, but I love working from home.
  5. SnowyJ

    Roll Call 2016-2017

    But of COURSE!!!!!
  6. SnowyJ

    Roll Call 2016-2017

    Why? Wellllll.... I don't like Ramen? Mr. Snowy's job ends in Nov. Ok, I panicked. Can't live on the pittance I made. Hopefully he will be gainfully employed after the festive Holiday season! If not, at least with my new salary, we can upgrade to Spaghettios WITH MEATBALLS.
  7. SnowyJ

    Roll Call 2016-2017

    I'm a loner....A REBEL. You wouldn't understand....
  8. SnowyJ

    Roll Call 2016-2017

    LO....'tis true.
  9. SnowyJ

    Roll Call 2016-2017

    Miss you all! Started a new Care Manager job, work from home but still in training so I have very little time to pop in now. But I hope to do so when my split shift starts in a couple weeks! Feeling a bit melancholy about not going back to school next week. Trying to be positive about it. Keep on doing what you do! XO
  10. SnowyJ

    Well, I Did It

    Well, folks...I did it. I got a new job. The issue? Not as a school nurse. I will be working as a RN Care Manager for a major insurance company. Kind of like a health coach. BUT...My strange schedule will allow me to continue to attend Pink Wednesdays! LOL! This was a toughie. I love the littles, and of course all of you as well.
  11. SnowyJ

    Excited about a new job!

    ErinRN2012, Admittedly, I am not a Case Manager, BUT a number of my previous co-workers left floor nursing for Case Management and they really like it! You will learn as you go, and I am sure you will have a lot of people around to assist you. New beginnings can be tough, but most things in life that are worthwhile start out as a challenge. Best of luck to you.
  12. SnowyJ

    Visit log

    If I am really busy, I chart on a paper log then catch up online later. Otherwise, I try to chart visits in real time.
  13. SnowyJ

    Just gonna leave this here...

    LOVE THIS!!!!
  14. SnowyJ

    Visit log

    I use a paper log, but also log all visits into our system. I also can log immunizations, physicals, contact with parents as well. We use Infinite Campus. Is your school doing electronic documentation? If not, they should consider it. Infinite Campus
  15. SnowyJ

    New school nurse

    Read this forum...You will get a lot of insight.
  16. SnowyJ

    Who pays?

    Mine won't pay. And if I go during the day i have to find a sub and use personal time. (Nope.) I did go to a free food allergy seminar hosted by local allergy docs on Saturday. It was definitely worthwhile! Learned a lot.