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  1. I'm so thankful I've retired! One way we got around this problem was to mark the student absent in the computer for the day sent home and the next day. The teachers were not able to change this, so they would call the attendance office to say the student was there. That way we knew immediately and the child was sent back to the clinic, parent called and had to come to pick up to adhere to the 24 hour rule. They got upset, but that's life.
  2. grammy1

    C'Mon Now!

    I worked junior high for 14 years and felt the same way! There were definitely those that I really hated to see leave, then again....there were those that I was so thankful I only had 2 years to deal with.
  3. grammy1

    Autism and regressions - where do we fit in?

    I agree with the idea of calling cps. He is not getting the medical/psychological/psychiatric care that he needs or that is recommended. That is medical neglect. It almost sounds like they just let him do what he wants (no potty training, etc). That's not good for anyone.
  4. grammy1

    Getting out just in time!

    **That is the DUMBEST thing I ever heard of!!! Whose brilliant idea was this?? Tell her you want evidence based info on WHY this is good idea and how it will improve your nursing practice!! **I just want to know what in the name of God happened that made some super intelligent administrators decide this is a good idea?? They don't want a parent complaint call, that's it. Doesn't matter how inconvenient or stupid the rule is, admin just doesn't want to deal with an angry parent. Mine was a parent who complained about a child's "scratch" that 99% of the students would have never even come to the clinic for. After that the rule was call every parent for every visit. Yeah, like I said I did it for about a week, my coworker did it for the entire year. It really ticked her off too because at the end of the year the principal commented on how she didn't get any more complaints once we started calling for every visit. 😂
  5. grammy1

    Getting out just in time!

    We had a principal who made us do that one year. I did it for about a week, she thought I did it all year. 😇
  6. grammy1

    This is Where the Cowboy Rides Away

    Congratulations to you! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I retired at the end of last school year and have loved every minute of it. I do miss the kids but definitely not all of the paperwork and fighting to get epi-pens and shot records!
  7. grammy1

    Why ? Just Why ?

    This was a very good article!
  8. grammy1

    Self Cath Resources???

    Our health assistants and special ed assistants all had student specific training to cath. Whoever happened to be free at the time the cath was needed did it. Anytime the health asst or I were out, the special ed assistant did it, leaving the other person free to see other students.
  9. We live in a military town with a very transient population. I would frequently get medication from an out of state pharmacy and doctor with the medication form signed by a local physician. I never thought twice about it.
  10. grammy1

    Anti-vax parents sue to keep kids in school

    Personally, I think that if a parent wants a religious exemption they should have to produce a notarized letter from their priest/minister/whatever, stating their religion's objection to the vaccine. It would also need to be renewed yearly. My guess is that the number of religious exemptions would drop dramatically, Here in Florida religious and medical are the only exemptions accepted.
  11. grammy1

    When do you call?

    Our health department has access to certain portions of our EMR's. There is a box for us to check if student has temp >101 and cough and/or sore throat. They pull the numbers weekly.
  12. grammy1

    Got thanked by EMS/Police and Mom!

    Good for you! It's so nice to have someone acknowledge that you've done a good job.
  13. grammy1

    CPR Instructor

    Have you seen the LOOP systems? I decided to get one, will have everyone practice on the other manikins and then do my observation on the one with the loop attached. There is no way I can afford a whole new set of manikins. I was told that as long as everyone gets to use the LOOP I'll be fine.
  14. grammy1

    CPR Instructor

    I'm a cpr/first aid instructor. I actually enjoy teaching the classes. Our school district has the manikins, but I also have my own because I teach outside of school. I teach employees at a couple of assisted living facilities and after 2 classes got back what I had paid out plus some. When I taught at school, the district reimbursed for supplies (cards, books, etc), that I used for the classes.
  15. grammy1

    Frequent Flyers

    At lunch time there was always an administrator in our cafeteria who would call on the walkie talkie to let me know that a student was coming to see me. If there was no notification, I would radio back right in front of the student asking if he/she was sent. Also, explaining to the student that if there was a theft or the fire alarm pulled, etc., the first people they would look at were those who were out of class without a pass.
  16. grammy1

    Parents, parents, parents.

    I found that if I would tell them that I'll contact the social worker and see if she can make any arrangements, they usually manage to get there. They automatically associate social worker with cps, so that gets them moving. If a parent truly does not have transportation, has an illness, etc., our social worker will really try to transport the child home. She knows the families pretty well and knows who is capable and who is slacking.