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  1. grammy1

    When do you call?

    Our health department has access to certain portions of our EMR's. There is a box for us to check if student has temp >101 and cough and/or sore throat. They pull the numbers weekly.
  2. grammy1

    Got thanked by EMS/Police and Mom!

    Good for you! It's so nice to have someone acknowledge that you've done a good job.
  3. grammy1

    CPR Instructor

    Have you seen the LOOP systems? I decided to get one, will have everyone practice on the other manikins and then do my observation on the one with the loop attached. There is no way I can afford a whole new set of manikins. I was told that as long as everyone gets to use the LOOP I'll be fine.
  4. grammy1

    CPR Instructor

    I'm a cpr/first aid instructor. I actually enjoy teaching the classes. Our school district has the manikins, but I also have my own because I teach outside of school. I teach employees at a couple of assisted living facilities and after 2 classes got back what I had paid out plus some. When I taught at school, the district reimbursed for supplies (cards, books, etc), that I used for the classes.
  5. grammy1

    Parents, parents, parents.

    I found that if I would tell them that I'll contact the social worker and see if she can make any arrangements, they usually manage to get there. They automatically associate social worker with cps, so that gets them moving. If a parent truly does not have transportation, has an illness, etc., our social worker will really try to transport the child home. She knows the families pretty well and knows who is capable and who is slacking.
  6. grammy1

    Come down and take your meds!

    In Jr. High I would track them down for the first couple of weeks of school. If they still weren't coming I would notify the parent that I will no longer be chasing them down for their meds. It's not that hard to remember, as soon as I finish lunch I go to the clinic or I go to the clinic as soon as 5th period is over. It's the same every day. You can remember what class to go to, you can remember to go to the clinic. I would also notify admin. If, after all of that they still didn't come, it was documented that they refused meds. Truthfully, after a week or two of me not chasing me down, they miraculously started to remember to come for meds. Disclaimer: obviously, that would not be for cardiac meds. insulin, etc.
  7. grammy1

    Seed allergy

    Doesn't rye have caraway seeds? Fennel seeds are a licorice or anise flavored seed used in sausage and a lot of Italian dishes.
  8. grammy1

    horrible immunization compliance rate

    Does your health department give free immunizations? That's where we send students so there is no excuse of having to wait for an appointment.
  9. grammy1

    horrible immunization compliance rate

    Are you regulated by state law? Our state requires noncompliant students to be excluded. We didn't even give out schedules if they didn't have their immis. Some who slipped by and came to class the first day were called out of class and sent home. Yeah parents were mad, but it was their own fault.
  10. grammy1

    Missed it

    Don't beat yourself up, I let my own son walk around with a broken arm for 3 days before I took him to the dr. Same thing, no outward signs, even the doc said he didn't think it was anything, but did an xray and there it was, plain as day.
  11. grammy1

    Asthma Action question

    Different school districts=different rules. Our district considers a pharmacy label a physician's order, but we do still require a parental authorization.
  12. grammy1

    Welcome to Monday Morning.....

    I had so many of these. Broke my heart.
  13. grammy1

    Athletic Trainers

    The only follow-up we ever did for the AT was to give more ice. If the student had already been seen by the trainer we just had the teacher call and we'd send ice to the classroom (we had student aides). I didn't reassess unless something major happened and the AT wasn't there.
  14. grammy1

    What happens if you put water on ketone stip?

    I wanted to click "like" to let you know I read and sympathize with you, yet have trouble clicking "like" on a post about 2 patients passing away at such a young age.
  15. grammy1

    Just gave Diastat for the first time

    Great job! I have only given it once in my life and it was definitely very difficult due to the stiffness.