Which was the hardest pre-req class?

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I am working on my future class schedule, and was wondering, what has been the most difficult pre-req that you've taken/or are currently taking? What makes/made it particularly difficult?

My pre-reqs consist of : college writting1 , fund. of speech, anatomy & lab, Physiology & lab, microbiology, psychology, growth & development, sociology & data processing concepts

I'm curious, what are yours?

Thanks in advance!:D

maire, ASN, RN

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Most difficult pre-req for me was Philosophy, because it was hard to stay awake enough to pass it.

Seriously, I would say Micro or A&P simply because of the amount of information I had to assimilate.


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My A&P class was also pretty difficult, but at least it was something I enjoyed learning. Chemistry, on the other hand, was a b*tch because I hate it.


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it's patho!!! i breezed through bio 165 and 166 and am having a terrible time with patho this semester :(

nurse2be in ny

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I'm taking A&P I right now, and it's difficult just because the memorization alone is a feat, let alone understanding what's going on physiologically, too. It's definitely doable, though.

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A toss up between A&P and patho.

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So far for me Physio with lab (I take anatomy with lab and physio with lab seperately) has been the hardest but not anything impossible!

So far I have yet to take a class that I just cant get through or find too overwhelming. Physio is hard but it is also *very* interesting and I also *LOVED* my Anatomy class when I took it last semester. Its only hard because for most of us, it is all new.

I dont think I would take any more than 2 science classes at a time though if you can help it. This semester I am taking Micro (easy I think, but some find it hard), Physiology w/ lab (kinda hard- I would make sure you have some kind of chemistry background and anatomy, the people in my class who have had no anatomy or chemistry are not doing good at all), Sociology and a Humanities Relgion class and I am doing great in them all.



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A&P is hurting my brain and is def. the hardest-I only have one pre-req/co-req left (micro) and A&P is definitely a killer in terms of massive amounts of info. I have a lab/lecture exam this week (on 2 separate days) on all bones, muscles (fill in the blank, perfect spelling, naming each one required, which is about 250 terms I think) and their physiology (how the muscles work, insertion, origin, articulation, etc). OUCH!



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A&P I for me was very difficult. Just couldn't seem to "get" it. I am in A&P II now and although I am not getting an A, but I am doing well and actually feel like I am learning and understanding more.

Good luck!


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biological chemistry... ugh

or physiology, i'm in that now and it's a b....


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A & P I is definitely very hard for me, but I gotta say, Chemistry was the worst. Only have A & P II left to go...yippeeee!!


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A&P and Microbiology were both very hard for me. I'm glad I took prereqs before starting nursing, I'd hate to be doing those along with my nursing classes like some of my classmates.

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