Where are RNs school nurses?

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Does anyone know how to find out where RNs are being utilized as school nurses? Meaning one RN in one school?? So many schools have either LPN's or far less credentialed.


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Depends on many factors--state laws and district policies.

other than pulling up each county individually - is there a "secret" website?? :-)

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I would check the state DOE website. In my state, school nurses in public schools licensed by the DOE have to be RNs.

There is no 'secret' website that I know about. Each state has its own minimum standards, and then the school districts can elaborate on those. In Philadelphia, the school nurses had BSNs at least 45 years ago, and yet in Indiana the secretary can pass meds. Go figure.

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Michigan doesn't require school nurses at all. Having been born and raised here, I didn't realize that school nurses are the norm, rather than the exception, throughout the country. We are dead-last in nurse-to-student ratios nationally.

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My district in Texas has only BSN prepared RNs as school nurses. The thinking is that the nurses are professionals on the same line as teachers, and thus should be equally educated with a bachelor's at minimum. Several nurses in my district have their MSN also.

Most of the large districts in North Texas hire RNs, some BSN only and some only require the RN. A few of the smaller districts hire LVNs to staff the schools and have an RN heading up the department.

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At the school where I work (private duty), both of the school nurses are RNs. My state also requires school nurses to have a teaching license.

In CA, you must be RN, BSN and PHN to get your Preliminary School Nurse Services Credential to be a legitimate "School Nurse". The preliminary cred. is only good for 5 years, during that time you need to enroll in and complete a 27-unit School Nurse Services Credential Program to earn your clear credential and continue practicing beyond 5 years.

Many people don't know the level of education that CA School Nurses must achieve- I didn't even know before I got into this field of nursing!

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In NH it is not mandatory to have a nurse but if one is there, it needs to be an RN. LPN works under the direct supervision of an RN

In NH it is not mandatory to have a nurse but if one is there, it needs to be an RN. LPN works under the direct supervision of an RN

same for NY

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