Where are RNs school nurses?

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Does anyone know how to find out where RNs are being utilized as school nurses? Meaning one RN in one school?? So many schools have either LPN's or far less credentialed.


I Know RI does. But you will start at first step teacher pay. and if you have many years experience as an RN, then you will be taking a HUGE paycut!!!! I was going to but not worth it for the salary they were offering.

Helenaeberg and everybody - thanks! that is what I have found out as well. I did apply for prelim credential and am awaiting their response. I interviewed today for a position to oversee 11 schools, OMG! But most schools have a health assistant, although I am not clear on their job description, and I do not have the audiology cert yet. Were you hired without audiology cert helenaeberg?I am hoping this job comes through for me, or it will definitely be back to school, (for what, I do not know yet). Thankfully, I have steady seasonal work - or so they say :). Hope you enjoy your jobs.

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