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  1. Unwilling staff

    Here's how the admin handled it in my district about 6 years ago: if you are unable and /or unwilling to do these things, we will have to hire someone who is. Still complaining but end of problem.
  2. Bed Bug Protocol

    We did create a protocol last year after having two families with problems at home. The biggest reason we created a uniform way to deal with this was so that no family could argue that they were being discriminated against, etc etc. Very simple ac...
  3. New school Nurse, Struggling!!

    There are aspects to your job that you may not have encountered yet that were my favorite parts--like a kiddo with a brand new diagnosis (type 1 diabetes for example) that YOU have to figure out how they can navigate and maintain educational time, te...
  4. Student absences

    During the H1N1 kerfuffle we had to close a building and it was high absence that triggered it all. So it's important to know trends. I wish I could say it was superior epidemiological sleuthing on my part but the Monday morning attendance was 50%...
  5. CEU'S

    Your annual school nurse state conference might offer CEU's for breakout sessions offered during the conference.
  6. School based health clinic

    Our school district partnered with a local hospital conglomerate to provide a NP in a Clinic in our schools three days a week, split between the HS and MS buildings. She can see HS students with a self-referral but she can see any other students wit...
  7. Your dream health suite

    Ask for dim able lights in at least part of the clinic, very helpful for kids w/migraines, not hard to do during construction. I would like more than one resting cot with at least half walls or semi partitions between for privacy. In one of my bu...
  8. Nurse considering law school

    I reply as a parent of a law school graduate. Notice I did not say the parent of a practicing attorney. My son is (under)employed in a related field. He's happy with his current job, however, is it worth the cost of law school and the three years ...
  9. Nursing Professor or School Nurse? -What is your opinion

    You can easily learn more about the role (and salary!) of a school nurse by asking one in your area if you could shadow him/her for a day. I was always eager to share my "world". Pay is a real sticking point--very low in most States, sometimes on ...
  10. Psych me up-- union negotiations!

    Sometimes numbers are impressive. "I am responsible for writing and reviewing annual health plans for xx number of students". "In xyz building, we have x number of students with life-threatening allergies, for which I am responsible to be sure the...
  11. Diastat delegation

    hello friends, although retired as of this year, I can't seem to break the habit of reading the school nurse topics! I can say that Diastat has been "delegat-able" in Wisconsin for many years. Staff are trained by the nurse and have annual refresh...
  12. I Got the Job Offer Today!

    Start earlier if at all possible.
  13. Polc state college Nursing Fall 2015 admitted students

    I passed it so long ago that we did it by filling in bubbles with pencils
  14. Random Thoughts: School Nurses

    One of my schools gave me a little box with words of advice from the teachers on cute little cards. The best: write a book on how to give "the talk" volunteer at the senior center to teach them about STDs never be a nit picker again do something fun...
  15. Out of pocket expenses?

    None of the above. your school budget and/or parent group will support these needs. I would caution against starting out by dipping into your own funds.