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schooldistrictnurse specializes in School Nursing, Public Health, Home Care.

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  1. schooldistrictnurse

    I Got the Job Offer Today!

    Start earlier if at all possible.
  2. schooldistrictnurse

    Polc state college Nursing Fall 2015 admitted students

    I passed it so long ago that we did it by filling in bubbles with pencils
  3. schooldistrictnurse

    Random Thoughts: School Nurses

    One of my schools gave me a little box with words of advice from the teachers on cute little cards. The best: write a book on how to give "the talk" volunteer at the senior center to teach them about STDs never be a nit picker again do something fun on Sunday nights--they're no longer "school nights" and my favorite: speak your mind--you've earned it!
  4. schooldistrictnurse

    Out of pocket expenses?

    None of the above. your school budget and/or parent group will support these needs. I would caution against starting out by dipping into your own funds.
  5. schooldistrictnurse


    We had a HS student accidentally amputate a finger tip in the seam of a cafeteria table (like the fold-down style table, where the two pieces join when it folds open). EMS arrived to the cafeteria at exactly the same time that I did. Staff had already wrapped his hand in a towel, had him across the hall in an empty classroom and had the fingertip on ice. He was a ginger so his pallor was scary but there was literally nothing for me to do.
  6. schooldistrictnurse

    Interview help!!

    I just finished the interview process for my successor and the candidate that was #1 for us spoke confidently, made eye contact, stopped and thought a few seconds before answering questions. She was able to relate examples of independent thinking, using judgement, providing education, dealing with parents. She had an answer ready when asked what strengths she brings to the job. She asked about job responsibilities, student population, hours distribution. She had a clue what an IEP, IHP, 504 are. She mentioned FERPA when speaking about confidentiality. (bonus points!) She has never worked in a school setting before, so she did a little research before coming to the interview. Good luck!
  7. schooldistrictnurse

    I Got Head Lice

    Oh so sorry this has happened to you. I did a happy dance when my last kid graduated from HS and we never had lice, guess I should still hold my breath until I'm out the door.
  8. schooldistrictnurse

    Sharps vs. Not Sharps

    oh good for you. You could always say you're the woman who lives in a shoe and all your kids have severe allergies!
  9. schooldistrictnurse

    Sharps vs. Not Sharps

    Flare, they may limit their generosity to sharps for "personal" use.
  10. schooldistrictnurse

    Interview attire

    Be sure to check back in and let us know how the interview goes!
  11. schooldistrictnurse

    Sharps vs. Not Sharps

    Would you consider a used (discharged but not used on a person) epi pen a sharp or not a sharp for disposal purposes?
  12. schooldistrictnurse

    Medication Disposal

    Old Dude, that's an interesting thought. Look around at some of the other boards here, though, and you'll see "respectfully disagree" is not allowed. You are required to be rude, question my sanity, credentials and integrity as a human being. I would be interested in how others view this, though, but I'll have to make a nasty rejoiner first.
  13. schooldistrictnurse

    Medication Disposal

    I would still consider a used epi pen a sharp and dispose of it as a sharp. A sheathed syringe is still a sharp even though the needle is covered.
  14. schooldistrictnurse

    How many have actually had to administer epi?

    One of our secretaries has administered TWICE to the same student. (different school years) Kiddo! Please learn to ask what's in the food!
  15. schooldistrictnurse

    Preschool in my elementary school........immunization question

    The only way I can imagine that "we don't worry" thing is if the preschool is run by an outside agency and rents space from your school. If it's part of your school system, then it's part of your school system. We have 4K Charter School in one of our buildings but it's still run by the school district and therefore immunizations are still our concern.
  16. schooldistrictnurse

    Summer jobs?

    Is there summer school in your area? we have nurse coverage for that.