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  1. NursePamela

    Enlisting or BSN

    If Nursing is what you really want I would hold out; to have your RN and work as a corpsman would be frustrating.
  2. NursePamela

    Questions about NCP

    I might be wrong about the age but I thought in order to get retirement benefits you had to have 20 years in by 62?? Therefore shouldn't you have until you are 46 to get commissioned??
  3. NursePamela

    Questions about NCP

    In regards to age - I believe your 4 years active should give u a 4 year grace period. So u r really 37. :-). Good luck!
  4. NursePamela

    Please help: Millitary Nurse

    If he said he was willing to support your desire to join the military and it is a dream of yours - then go for it!
  5. NursePamela

    Joining the military and getting pigeon-holed

    To say you could get pigeoned holed could happen in the civilian or military world. A lot of times it is about timing and luck; When intern programs open up for ICU, you will have to compete for the position in both worlds.
  6. NursePamela

    Where are RNs school nurses?

    other than pulling up each county individually - is there a "secret" website?? :-)
  7. NursePamela

    Where are RNs school nurses?

    Does anyone know how to find out where RNs are being utilized as school nurses? Meaning one RN in one school?? So many schools have either LPN's or far less credentialed. Thanks!
  8. NursePamela

    Best Specialty Experience Option?

    Somebody can correct me if I am wrong but I was once told they have more openings for med-surg nurses than any specialty, er, icu, etc,,,. Now that being said, I don't know percentages. They may have equal number of percentages applying???
  9. NursePamela

    Tripler Army Medical Center RN Pay

    I worked for NSR - did not find out it was a temporary job until after I started working. Pay is significantly lower than civilian hospitals.
  10. NursePamela

    Disappointed..Straub, Queens, Kieser

    Hawaii is different. I would be really tempted to stay behind the extra 4 months, it will go really fast.
  11. NursePamela

    help! just selected for direct commission

    Curious if anyone thinks working in Government contract position helps?
  12. NursePamela

    I'm done!...Vent!

    When I was a new nurse I had a hard time loving nursing, I thought "if this was it - forget about it". I decided to give it another shot and I went and did travel nursing and found out that there was better things out there. My advice - don't give up, just try something different. The best part about nursing is there are TONS of things to do with it. Don't give up! :) Pam
  13. NursePamela

    Anyone married, with kids, and ACTIVE DUTY

    I agree with all that has been said so far. The one BIG thing I always say about ANY spouse going overseas is plan on NOT working and consider yourself lucky if you get a job. If you plan on spouse not working, you will not blow your budget. Overseas jobs are much fewer than stateside, even for nurses. As far as having kids, nursing, and military - my only gripe is the 12 hour shifts and off shifts. It is almost impossible to find quality child care for those long hours and off hours. It is great when both parents are home but when one is deployed or TDY and the other suddenly left with no back up for child care - nursing is not kid friendly (civilian or military). Pam
  14. NursePamela

    My orders came today!!

    Congratulations!!!!!!! What will be your specialty?
  15. I know when going for active duty you go to the MEPS/physical pretty early on in your application process. If you go USPHS, when and where do you go for your physical? Thanks!
  16. NursePamela

    Help me with preparing to PCS

    Can't help with the paperwork side but I can help with the other stuff. Don't get rid of anything you don't want to. Don't be worried about electronics they give you a couple of transformers to convert so you can use all your american stuff. The only thing is clock sometimes don't do well in conversion and motors (like Vaccuums) "might" age quicker. Houses vary tremendously over there so sometime your stuff might fit and sometimes it might not. The military will store some stuff for you if needed but it is not the kind of storage you can accesss. Take photos of your stuff before being shipped so you can assess and prove damage if needed. Try to be involved in watching your packers and movers. Be nice to them. Save ALL receipts, even the soda you buy at the airport. And don't worry, it will all come together! :-)