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  1. Where should I go

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      go to inherited house, work for 14.00 at local hospital
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      go to inherited house, drive 50 miles to better paying job
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      go to larger city, but have a house payment

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I have inherited a house in a small town (pop. less than 10,000). This is where I was born, and where my family still lives. The problem is the only place in town that hires RN's is the local hospital. You are doing well to make 14.00 to start there. Needless to say, this would be a big income loss for me. The nearest town after that is about a 50-60 mile drive.

My husband's family insists that this is what we should do, after all it is a "free house".

I was thinking about moving to a city about 100 miles away. It has a population of about 165,000, and the starting wage is about 18.00 anywhere you go. There are lots of opportunities, and it isn't that far away from family either. But then I will have a house payment!!!!

My husband and I have been struggling with this for about a year, and are no closer to a resolution than when we began. We have to move as his current job will close in less than a year. Also this will be a big move, over 2000 miles. These two locations are in different states, and oh course they have totally different license requirements. Obviously, I would like to know in a few months to prepare for this. The reason I am posting this is because you guys are nurses too, and your opinion is appreciated. Should I choose the one facility town for a free house payment, or have more options for a house payment?

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How's the rental market where the inherited house is?


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That I forgot to mention. If I don't live in the inherited house, it reverts back to my father. So I don't get anything if it just rents, but I don't have to worry about taxes etc. either.

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RATS! I assume that means you can't sell it either.

Do you WANT to live in this town? Will your husband be able to find a job there? Has he done any job searching? Or would YOU rather stay?

It's a tough choice, I think I'd have to look @ less tangible gains or losses. What would you be giving up to go there? Friends?

Try putting a yellow legal pad in the middle of the dining room table. Leave it there for a bit. Whenever either one of you thinks of a pro or con to moving, write it down. If you leave it there for a week or too, you'll both have time to reflect and remember different things. You don't have to write stuff down together or even at the same time.



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How old are you and your husband? If you're 25 with kids it will be a different situation than if you are in your 50s and an empty nester.

What's the reputation of the local hospital? ....of the distance hospital?

How large a house payment can you afford. Four dollars an hour would be $160/week x 4 is $640 a month. Would your husband be able to make more in the city or near the house.

Does the house MEAN anything to you? A long time family home is different from a tract house near no one you know.

OK I'm in my late 50s, married, no kids at home......I think I'd take the family house and see what happens. I'd try it for a year or so and then if it didn't float...I think I'd move on. You'd have a year's worth of saved rent/house payments.


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If it were me I'd go for it in a heartbeat. I lived in a smalltown and made $13.00 an hour and didn't think I was poor. We were happy and secure and my kids never wanted for anything(except maybe the super nentendo the week it came out).

When my Dad and Grandma got sick had to move back to the "Big City" Now I make much more but would give it up in a heart beat to be back in that small town in the mountains. My problem is I inheredited a house here that is in to bad of shape to put on the market and have managed to accumulate "Big City " bills so I can't afford to go back. (It's in my 10 year plan).

Which ever you decide I wish you the best. (Another plug... in this day and age small towns tend to be a little bit safer as well)


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everybody is different.........while there are all things we would like to have......including myself......i can just say.....material issues and dollars are not everything...........you have to go on from there. :)



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I like the idea of the yellow pad--and here's another idea for pay/work. Could you work agency in the larger city 50mi away and get travel pay to cover cost of gas, plus increased hrly pay.

Usually you can get ins bene's p 60days also.

good luck-- and if you do go to the inht'd house, make yourselves

put a "house payment" in the bank ea month, no cheating and no borrowing!!!!

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Decide what you would do if money were not an issue in your life, if you had scads.:D :rolleyes:

Do some number crunching and get a solid figure as to the difference inhow much you would earn/pay out, and see if you can get an estimate on your husband's earnings both ways too.

Then you can decide if the money makes enough of a difference to you both to take your second choice, or maybe you might find there is not that much of a difference.

Seems like you both may be trying to make several decisions at the same time, clouding the issues. I agree with writing all the points down on paper.

Good luck


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I'd take the house and live in small town, USA.

I did it 10 years ago and made $7/hr less but never regretted it. I now have my own house still in the same small town and love it.

I have 3 kids from 8-14 and am thankfull that they can go anywhere without the negative influences that the city would have on them.



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Don't forget to factor in that your cost of living may be significantly less in a smaller town--car insurance, taxes, downtown parking, etc.

I'd probably take the house and then make up my mind about the job (the close job or the hour-commute job) after visiting all the hospitals in which I was interested and talking to recruiters and staff.

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I am originally from a small "town", (Well, it's now considered a village because there weren't enough people to make it a town).

I grew up there and I loved it there.

Now, I live in a city that's pretty fair size, and although I like it here too, if I had my choice, I would definitely go back to small town (village) living. That's more for me!

Good Luck in whichever you choose!


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