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  1. Where should I go

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      go to inherited house, work for 14.00 at local hospital
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      go to inherited house, drive 50 miles to better paying job
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      go to larger city, but have a house payment

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Jenny P

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The way I see it, $4.00/ hr is not enough of a difference to justify the cost of living expenses you will have in a larger city. Housing is very expensive these days; you can't even FIND an apartment in my area for less than $700/month! And decent housing is skyrocketing-- our house has increased in value by $70,000 in less than 8 years (and it's just a basic 1950's ranch)!!

You have to follow your heart, though, and your husbands'. I'd go back to my small hometown in a heartbeat IF I could do CV-ICU in that area (I can't-- it isn't anywhere near my hometown) and IF we didn't have my husbands' elderly Aunts to deal with here (they are his only family now). I love my job, and my husbands' family, and this is where I need to be at this point of my life (we just became empty-nesters). It's very possible that in 10years' time (when I retire) we may retire to my hometown.... Who knows?

I think that deep down inside you and your husband probably know what you want. Use the pad of paper idea to sort it out.

Good Luck!


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Because of my love for the country, I commute 30 miles each way. I've done it for about 14 years, moved about 10 miles closer to work a couple years ago, but if I had it to do over again, I'd have stayed at that 40 mile country home. I could take a job closer to home, with a small hospital, but the money's less and the reputation's poor..and I love my babies.

If I were you and truly love the country, I'd have to drive the drive. The more you drive it, the shorter it becomes ;) Is the drive backroads or do you have close access to interstates or major roads?? I think that's one thing that's so nice for me, although I'm out in the woods, the interstate is only a few miles from home.


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Such a decision! It does seem that you have several issues to deal with, but my main concern would be to answer "Where will we be happy?" 5 years ago I left my small home town for NYC and have never looked back! I love my living situation, pay my bills and have lots of fun.

BUT you and I are two different people. I love the yellow pad idea and feel that may be the best way to sort things out. Also, how stuck would you be if you tried it one way and ended up unhappy? If you moved to the small town and tried it for a couple of years and hated it, could you leave for the larger area?

I, too, was disappointed when you said you can't sell it. That would have been my solution!

aimeee, BSN, RN

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I would pick the inherited house in the small town. But that is just what I would do. Everytime I make the pleasant 8 minute drive down rural roads home from my office and listen to the Chicago DJ's traffic report and hear them say "The Dan Ryan is backed up 40 minutes and the Kennedy outbound is currently at a standstill" I smile to myself. There is no kinda money that would make me put up with that crap every day! But for lots of folks its no big deal.

What location best suits your interests and needs outside of work? Are the shopping and entertainments that the more metropolitan area offers very important to you? Since you are coming up to a transitional point for both of you maybe its time to sit down and assess just what your priorites are. Ideally, where do each of you want to be ten years from now? Then start working backwards with the steps to get there.


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Thanks to everyone who responded to this post, and offered some valuable points to ponder. Just by what's on the notebook at this time, it's definitely swaying toward the inherited house. I think we will at least try it for awhile, and after we sell our house on the west coast, we won't really be stuck anywhere. So if it doesn't work out, we will be free to move anywhere. Also, this is an excellent opportunitity to get other loans paid off. For my last reason, check out the picture. It is taken from the front porch of the inherited house. No views like this in the city!!!


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That view is beautiful!!!

If you get a case of stupidity, tell your father that there's a nice family down south that'd just love to be adopted!!!

:D :D :D :D


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After seeing that beautiful view I say take the house and live happily ever after in small town USA!!


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PRN raised some good points. Myself, I am a small (very) town person. Unless you detest the area the house is in, or the hospital has the reputation of a butcher shop, or it is in a polluted area, or the local schoolteachers didn't get past the 6th grade, I'd go for the free house and free taxes. You can learn to make do on considerably less, and still be quite happy. Good luck, and let us know what you decide!

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