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    Team Work??

    It sounds to me as though you all are a smart, diligent team of CNAs! If you need/want jobs in N GA, PM me-I might be able to help!

    Need directions!!!

    Jacolaur, Off Topic has been changed to "Break Room," and the War & Terrorism thread has been closed and "Current Events" is in its' place. I was as confused as you wre when I came back today-it seems there has been some kind of falling out that we missed (thank goodness!), and some folks who were here are no longer. As far as the General Nursing discussion, I was able to get into it....

    med errors

    Yep, me too! I did the very thing that you did-hung the wrong abx-right room, wrong patient! Fortunately, the pt's Dr. found the mixup. He was firm, but very nice. He thought that the pt. was allergic to the abx. I hung-he drove over to his office at 2300 at night and retrieved the office file, just to be sure-thank goodness, he WASN'T allergic! I got the 5 rights reminder too, but I was very thankful that was all! It could've been a LOT worse!

    Old Conviction? Dashed hopes?

    Good luck, Ann! I am glad to hear that you see light at the end of your tunnel!

    pct debate


    Nurses collecting copays

    TOTALLY inappropriate! Let one of the clerks handle that part. That is in no way, shape or form, a nursing duty! I used to work in an ER that required that we send patients to the registration desk to pick up their scripts and discharge papers after we had gone over them with the pt. The idea was that they'd hold the Rx's "hostage" for co-pays! I didn't like it, a bit!

    Hardest thing I've ever done....

    It never gets easier, and you never get used to it. You do become a little more accustomed to the feeling of loss, in spite of all that you (and others) may have tried to do, but each death is a new experience. You learn some comforting words to say, but your presence, gentleness, kindness, and honesty about what happened (as much as your facility permits, and that the family can handle) is what will be remembered. Take care, and God bless!

    I may lose my hubby

    My son is AD Navy in Bahrain. Let's just pray that they all get to come home in one piece, and alive!

    Yippeeeeee!!! I Got A Job!!!

    Renee! Congratulations! I know you are excited-you can almost see your grin! LOL! Enjoy your time with your family, and then get yourself in gear. God Bless!
  10. CATHYW

    R these 4 REAL????

    If nothing else, you can get together with the other nurses, aides, or whatever staff was involved, and just discuss whatever heart-rending thing occurred, as a group. It would be best to make a rule that there would be no finger-pointing, or accusations. The main thing is to SUPPORT one another. If someone inadvertently did something wrong that caused a problem, or an injury, that person is going to feel doubly traumatized.
  11. CATHYW

    It's good to be back....

    Glad that you are back. Tell your Dad that we are sending good wishes his way.
  12. CATHYW

    What things have changed in nursing since 1997???

    Hey, Renee! Good to see your photo again! Since I was out of hospital nursing for nearly the same length of time until 4 weeks ago, I feel pretty qualified to answer your question: -the biggest change I have seen, without question is how staff is utilized. They are moved like chess pieces to accomodate staffing needs. Just because you are assigned to an aarea does NOT mean that is the area (or even the CAMPUS-our hospital has 2 in the same town) you will be working. I move between the medical and surgical floors frequently during the day because of my position. I rarely see the same folks in the same place twice! -IV pumps have changed since I last worked in-house. They are all digital, and are becoming smaller and smaller! -while our charting remains all done on paper, all meds are charted on computer. All orders are entered on the computer, which is nothing new for me, from before. -there are quite a few "younger" nurses, as you might expect to find, in 5 years away. We are looked at as senior nurses, and as good resource folks. I've already been called that, and used by younger nurses in that capacity. Kind of like an "elder stateswoman", if you will! LOL! It is a little bit weird, but I guess we have to expect this, the older and more experienced we get! I'm sure that you will be fine. It is kind of like riding a bicycle.
  13. CATHYW

    How do you stay cheerful and bubbly during work?

    I always try to think of what I'll be doing when I get off work, even if it is watching TV with my hubby. Anything to get my mind away from work. Like Heather said, I always try to put on my best face for my patient. I am a teaser and a joke cracker so, often, by making others laugh, I get to laugh!
  14. CATHYW

    pearls of clincal wisdom

    Indynurse, thank you! I was able to get to this interesting site, but was unable to open any of the tests when I clicked on them. I'll try again later.
  15. CATHYW

    Nurse's intuition

    Oh, yes! And, even worse, when the patient tells you that they think they are about to die, you'd better listen-they are rarely wrong!
  16. CATHYW

    pearls of clincal wisdom

    Canoe- I tried clicking on your link. It comes up "page not found." Could the address be missing something? Cathy