Where would your least favorite area to work be?

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  1. Least favorite area to work in........

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      Cardiac cath lab/GI Lab etc (special procedures
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      Home Health
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I dislike infants, children, teenagers, and needy pregnant women. Therefore, I wouldn't work in L&D, postpartum, the NICU, PICU, pediatrics, teen clinics, or the well-baby nursery.

Are you my twin? ;)

Ace587RN, RN

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OB & L&D. I cant stand it


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Rehab, and L&D.

I honestly am not a patient person. I have to hand it to the AMAZING people that are in our PT/OT depts. They have the patience of Job, and being in rehab setting you have to have a lot of patience. (i'm just being honest here). I also HATED L&D in nursing school. I didn't mind going to the newborn nursery and holding all the babies...i just didn't want to have to put up with their mothers....a lot of which didn't have any business having children in the first place.


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I couldn't do ED. I need to at least think that I have some ability to prioritize and plan my care. Doesn't matter if it doesn't work out that way. Just need to think it's possible. :)


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L&D, OB.

Just not for me. Period.

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oncology would be just too sad/ hard for me. too close to home after watching my mom fight breast cancer. i give a lot of credit to those who do it.:redbeathe


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Peds. I am way too soft-hearted for it.

It was hard to do uncomfortable things to them and not have them understand. I felt like a "bad guy". Or, their suffering or just bad luck broke my heart.

Some of the other kids who had long term chronic diseases like muscular dystrophy were both spoiled and had learned how to use their disease to their advantage to manipulate people. That was hard to take.

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Will never, ever work in the ER.

Love general surgery/plastic surgery ward. Also like LTC--I know my residents well and love making their day a little brighter with a nice smile, a compliment and good care.

wezzie, RN

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I picked LTC, but only because of chronic short staffing and RN's being ultimately responsible for everything. I have no desire to lose my license because an agency doesn't provide enough support for their facilities.

I'd also like to thank all you nurses who refuse to do psych.. :D .. I just got my first job as a new grad in an acute psych unit!! It was my first choice of specialty, I loved my psych rotation. My favorite by far.. So excited to start!

The ER was a close 2nd.. loved it!

Actually, there isn't one area I encountered that I would say I wouldn't want to do, I really enjoyed them all.

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Psych because I am scared for my safety!! I also found psych to be very boring. I LOVE talking to patients but I like doing technical things too. No offense to any psych nurses here, but I just feel like I would lose all of my technical nursing skills if I worked in psych. I also think psych is really sad...every time we went to the ward the nurses would just sit at the nurses station all day and the only interaction they got from the nurses was during med pass :/


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Med/Surg! I called it "the dungeon" in nursing school. The unsafe pt/nurse ratios, the needy and hostile family members, dirty nature of the job..ahh! I admire all you Med/Surg nurses out there..I couldn't/wouldn't do it.

HeartsOpenWide, RN

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I voted TLC.

But what is UNIT?

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