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scribblz has 13 years experience as a BSN, CNA, LPN and specializes in Med Surg, Tele, Geriatrics, home infusion.

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  1. scribblz

    Struggling with babies

    Thank you @speedynurse I appreciate all the tips!
  2. scribblz

    Struggling with babies

    Full disclosure: new infusion nurse here! I started doing home infusions (IVIG mostly) about 7 months ago. I got a per diem position on the IV team at my hospital a couple months ago. Since then I try to pick up at least one 3-11 or 11-7 a week to get the hang of it. I joined AVA and also read the INS journals too. I watched every Youtube video I could find related to vascular access. Nonetheless I am struggling with the feeling of imposter syndrome, and in particular I am struggling with toddlers and babies. I've tried the wee sight, I have been able to find a few good veins in the hands and feet, but even if I somehow get the flash the IV won't thread. I work in a relatively small community hospital and if I get paged to the nursery it's always for a baby that's in trouble. So not only am I brand new at it, but I have anxious doctors and nurses hovering and respiratory also working them up with the lab waiting for me to get done too. I am really struggling with getting past my anxiety and doubt in my ability to put IVs in babies. I only started doing IVs in adults 7 months ago, and I put in 15-20 IVs a shift for adults but babies I get paged for maybe 2x/ month. I never refuse to try, but after a couple failures I encourage someone else to try. Other than just keep at it and one day it'll click does anyone have any advice or tips?
  3. WOW! this hospital sounds so sketchy... can't believe DPH didn't find anything when they went in. Sounds like the judge disregarded evidence the nurse's brought based on a technicality.
  4. scribblz

    Mental Health: A RACE I HAVE TO RUN!

    I agree there is a large defecit of mental health services here in the US, and I would suspect abroad as well. We spend so much time addressing the fall out, some time on management and almost none on prevention. Kudos to you for following your dream!
  5. scribblz

    MedSurg to ICU: Level I or Level III

    I agree with the previous poster, go for the level III! Get good snow tires, leave early in bad weather. Get a good foundation at the supportive place, and transition to a higher level trauma center once you have that. Kudos on your philanthropic dreams. I wanted to join Doctors without Borders so badly, but they prefer you to be a solo act and discourage those with young kids joining up.
  6. https://www.Youtube.com/c/ICUAdvantage I recently took a temporary position taking temperatures and doing COVID screening. Once all the employees came in...for the first time (LOL maybe ever) I had a job with down time. I was browsing Youtube looking for nurse made videos that would teach me something. I was literally blown away by how good this guy is. He explains the science/ nursing considerations related to shock, ABGs, Covid management, ECGs and so much more! I haven't seen a better online teacher since Sal from Khan Academy. I highly recommend taking a look!
  7. scribblz

    Differential Case Study: Lyme Disease or Covid-19?

    Hope you are feeling better soon@SafetyNurse1968 ! Thanks for posting the case study, thought it was a good conversation.
  8. That sounds horrific. Is your unit manager out of touch with your reality that they allowed this to happen?
  9. Maybe copy paste it into a different browser? I just double checked it, and it worked for me on my Bing browser.
  10. scribblz

    new grad residencies or start working

    Actually that's a very valid point. I did spend my first 10 years in LTC, and I learned a ton. What I was frustrated by was hard it was to get hired in a hospital as a not new nurse with non acute experience. IE. I'm more expensive than a new grad and required the same orientation.
  11. Completely agree, if the cross training was done as you describe it. Honestly I would love the opportunity to learn new skills and areas without having to commit to them. I worry that many hospitals would not be willing to invest the time (money) up front to create this "cross trained team". Too focused on how they are hemorrhaging money from cancelled elective procedures.
  12. scribblz

    Patients testing Covid positive AFTER admission

    Good to know, thank you for sharing!
  13. Rise above it. We were having a civil discourse before it got off track. It is out of line to attack each other individually like that. The internet allows us to be anonymously cruel in a way that we would (hopefully) be ashamed to be in real life. It sounds like you have had an eventful life that has dealt you a lot of blows that you have spent a significant amount of time recovering from. You don't owe those who lack empathy a window into your struggle. If someone loses their cool and goes low that reflects on them and not you. Life's too short to engage with those who trigger our worst selves.
  14. scribblz

    face shields

    Nice ☺️ good manager!
  15. scribblz

    Nursing Homes Reopening

    I imagine that they must be under intense pressure to both allow people access to their loved ones and to also continue to keep them safe. I mean the fact that you have had no cases yet is very impressive. Have they been involving staff in the process of reopening and getting their feedback on the plan? As caretakers you guys are stakeholders in this, and if people have specific concerns, hearing them benefits everyone. For example: -firm mask policy -hand sanitizer everywhere -good house keeping -limit visiting hours and numbers of visitors -adequate PPE for staff If they seem sloppy on even one of these things all your hard work protecting yourself and your residents could be in jeopardy.
  16. scribblz

    Balding Men at Higher Risk for COVID-19

    As if it wasn't already rough to be balding...low blow 'Rona 🙄

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