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  1. Ace587RN

    Beware of Mount Sinai!!

    this is Mt. Sinai in Miami. im sure the one in manhattan is very different
  2. Ace587RN

    pick a state, any state

    texas is the way to go, wouldnt go any other state
  3. Ace587RN

    "California's nursing shortage hasn't been fixed"

    theres a shortage alright, but the state doesnt have money to hire them
  4. Ace587RN

    Nursing Licenses revoked for not paying student loans

    i was told the same before i graduated. Thats one thing ill never mess up!
  5. Ace587RN

    Commuting.....Need advice!!!

    Dont commute by car. If there are some cheap options like train etc try that. I have a friend who lives in Boca Raton, FL, takes the trirail down to downtown Miami. He brings his roadbike with him inside the train
  6. Ace587RN

    Holy Cross Hospital RN residency

    a LOT applied to Holy Cross. theyre pretty picky
  7. Ace587RN

    To those that have a long commute

    take the job that you enjoy!. i commuted 45 minutes to work and did that for 6 months. i now i only do a 20 minute commute which is right next to the water
  8. Ace587RN

    Best Hospital to work at in Ft Lauderdale Area

    its overrated IMO. I work at Mercy Hospital and love it . community hospital, right next to key biscayne. what more can you ask
  9. what u can do. Make him volunteer for a day and just shadow an RN and let him find out how hard we work. Then hell realize
  10. Ace587RN

    any jobs for new grads in fl

    i have a friend who's a new grad and she just got hired at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
  11. Ace587RN

    South Florida hospitals with weekend programs?

    Kendall Regional? hmm
  12. Ace587RN

    Do i stand a chance to become a nurse. G.P.A=3.1

    I would say its not possible to keep your job with that schedule. Try applying to all nursing programs and see
  13. Ace587RN

    Questions about Memorial Healthcare System

    Memorial is a good system with good benefits. I would consider Memorial West to be the best one out of all
  14. Ace587RN

    New Grad RN CAN'T FIND WORK!! What should I do?

    Like everyone said its who you know. Credentials alone wont help, so you have to really go out there personally and sell yourself. Networking is a great way.
  15. Ace587RN

    Job finding as a New Grad

    Be persistent and dont give up! When you give up thats when everything goes downhill. I looked for 9 months for a job!