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Ace587RN is a RN and specializes in ED.

im nice =D

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  1. Ace587RN

    Beware of Mount Sinai!!

    this is Mt. Sinai in Miami. im sure the one in manhattan is very different
  2. Ace587RN

    pick a state, any state

    texas is the way to go, wouldnt go any other state
  3. Ace587RN

    Commuting.....Need advice!!!

    Dont commute by car. If there are some cheap options like train etc try that. I have a friend who lives in Boca Raton, FL, takes the trirail down to downtown Miami. He brings his roadbike with him inside the train
  4. Ace587RN

    Holy Cross Hospital RN residency

    a LOT applied to Holy Cross. theyre pretty picky
  5. Ace587RN

    To those that have a long commute

    take the job that you enjoy!. i commuted 45 minutes to work and did that for 6 months. i now i only do a 20 minute commute which is right next to the water
  6. Ace587RN

    Best Hospital to work at in Ft Lauderdale Area

    its overrated IMO. I work at Mercy Hospital and love it . community hospital, right next to key biscayne. what more can you ask
  7. what u can do. Make him volunteer for a day and just shadow an RN and let him find out how hard we work. Then hell realize
  8. Ace587RN

    any jobs for new grads in fl

    i have a friend who's a new grad and she just got hired at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital
  9. Ace587RN

    South Florida hospitals with weekend programs?

    Kendall Regional? hmm
  10. Ace587RN

    Do i stand a chance to become a nurse. G.P.A=3.1

    I would say its not possible to keep your job with that schedule. Try applying to all nursing programs and see
  11. Ace587RN

    Questions about Memorial Healthcare System

    Memorial is a good system with good benefits. I would consider Memorial West to be the best one out of all
  12. Ace587RN

    New Grad RN CAN'T FIND WORK!! What should I do?

    Like everyone said its who you know. Credentials alone wont help, so you have to really go out there personally and sell yourself. Networking is a great way.
  13. Ace587RN

    Job finding as a New Grad

    Be persistent and dont give up! When you give up thats when everything goes downhill. I looked for 9 months for a job!
  14. Ace587RN

    Beware of Mount Sinai!!

    I believe you just show up. Dont take my word for it, since its what my friend told me. Brand new RNs i believe get started at 20/hr
  15. Ace587RN

    New grads, how long would you commute?

    I would only commute up to 20 miles. When i was a new grad my first job was 27 miles. After doing 2 12 hrs it wore me out and had near accidents a lot of times. Hey as long as it puts food on the table take it. My current job is 13 miles away
  16. Ace587RN

    new RN - income questions

    almost similar to my sister, and we live here in Miami