Where can I find Kaplan Decision Tree?


I would like to know exactly what it is and where I could find a picture of it. I tried googling it but there's just a whole bunch of decision tree's and I'm not sure which one it is. 8 more days till NCLEX. Pleeeease help :)


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anyone ???


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I bought the Kaplan on deman and that's where I studied the decison tree. I don't know if you can google it and find it anywhere else.


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Uhhh go buy it, I had to spend 500 on that course not going to give it away for free.


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Or you can read their Kaplan Strategy -spend and hour or 2 at Barnes and Nobles for free


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There is a DEMO of the Decision Tree on the Kaplan website.


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If you haven't used it up until now, I'm not sure how it's going to make a difference in 8 days?


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my advice, if you haven't used it up till now then forget about it to avoid getting confused. hold onto what you've already learnt and improve on those, 8 days is to short a time to start learning new info which may or may not help you in the actual exam. but if you really think you need it, give me your email add and i'll see what I can do.

Good luck

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Probably too late now.......If you go onto Ebay and search for Kaplan Nclex RN...look for a purple covered book, that shows a pic of a female nurse from the shoulders down, with a stethoscope around her neck...think the latest edition is the 14th. This is the book they give you if you take a Kaplan course...can not be bought at a book store. It covers everything from A to Z, and usually very cheap on Ebay.


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just found this on google, it was the third link when I searched for "kaplan decision tree" ;)


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bhumipatel2004@gmail.com. can you help me? i did saunders n cant go wth any online course or book .i am taking in november.thnks


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Its in the course book too. If you live in LA the libraries have it...