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  1. Flames9_RN

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    I took like 5 months off....I simply emailed my adviser and started up again!
  2. Flames9_RN

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    U should almost be done that class by now,lol I really found most of the classes the same, as they all tend (except capstone) follow the same format....just get into that rhythm of getting the discussion questions out of the way and work on the paper. Dont be afraid to ask the librarians for help on finding material!! I found emailing them the best...as they would email back the results..if u did the chat option, they just showed u how...lol
  3. Flames9_RN

    DC endorsement license from MD

    I work with a RN that just had to renew her DC licence......she stated they have been having huge computer issues.....she actually had to go in person to renew it.....
  4. Flames9_RN

    Capella RN-BSN Flexpath-My experience

    Im sure the school must have an online library with librarians that can provide help
  5. Flames9_RN

    Maryland Board of Nursing Horrors

    In 2016 we moved to MD and obtaining my MD RN license by endorsement was pretty straight forward, think it took about 2 weeks from start to finish....All was well until 1 day in August I received a postcard in the mail that my license was suspended!!! Something about I had not paid not $$$$...I had paid what they told me to pay.....Drove to the office and paid in person and it was good to go in a few days....caused me to miss 2 days of work....Not sure why they had to suspend my license..why not give a due date first???
  6. Flames9_RN

    Burnt out on Working Weekends and Holidays

    I think for many they think the normal Monday to Fri 8-5 is the way to go as thats the "norm" and the 12 hr shifts are a pain....then u relaize ur driving to and from work 2 extra days..which eats up minutes....gulps more gas,lol I wish I had weekdays off.....just phoned to get my ducts cleaned....sorry dont work weekends.... Blows my mind that many companies do not provide weekend services....as most couples now a days both work.....and there are a fair # of people that do prefer to work Saturday, if they get a week day off in return....as you can get errands completed a lot easier
  7. Flames9_RN

    Burnt out on Working Weekends and Holidays

    I grew to not to enjoy the 12 hr..3 shifts a week at the hospital.....figured a Mon thru Fri..8-5 would be so much better! Soon found that mon thru fri, 8-5 wasn't so grand after all.....Seems like one is always at work!! And if u need the car or a home item fixed.....trying to get someone in on a weekend to repair that item....good luck on that..have had to use PTO just to get a fridge fixed and another day when they had to come back!! Soon realized those 12 hr shifts and working the occasional weekend wasn't soo bad after all!!
  8. Flames9_RN

    How much PTO does everyone get?

    Occupational health....get 10 days off.....used as holidaysor sick......1 can buy another week (40 hrs) The only benefit to that is I can take another week off and get the $$$ I paid for it...back,lol
  9. I went with Grand Canyon University (GCU) as the price was decent, liked the 5 weeks classes and they didnt hound me! Some schools emailed and called me over and over again! And I found a few GCU threads on allnurses and the reviews were pretty favorable. Now that GCU has changed their capstone class to 10 weeks and all the content, not sure I would recommend it. If I had to do it again, I would look at WGU and Capella as they seem to be very flexible. I had looked at Chamberlain, but I believe it was very $$$$$$. I think GCU cost me around $18000 altogether and u can find many schools for far less $$$$$
  10. Flames9_RN

    Its 5 months and still no update on NCLEX Results

    Search for your name on the New mexico Board of nursing! Verification
  11. Flames9_RN

    Staff Shots?

    Im not a school nurse..but work at an occupational clinic....Suprised their Allergist allows that, as many want another RN or DR present in case their is a bad reaction....Their is usually an order on what to do in case of a bad reaction.. Its not something I would do alone.....
  12. Flames9_RN

    GCU RN to BSN capstone course

    Thats a little frustrating......my 1 disappointment with the GCU program was with my last adviser ( I had like 4 of them) She was useless and that is putting it nicely. I was in the old capstone class and have no clue about the new 10 week program, sorry. Have u tried privately emailing the proff and explain ur still confused. I think some of these profs are clueless as well as I get a feeling they do not get a lot of training about the syllabus..so they can't really answer the questions....Hang in there
  13. Flames9_RN

    GCU RN to BSN capstone course

    chance are if ur confused, so are others, so ask away in the appropriate classroom forum....Some profs do give valuable help.
  14. Flames9_RN

    GCU RN to BSN capstone course

    I was fortunate, that I was in the old Capstone class and don't recall having any issues of profs not grading fast enough. I think a few barely read the work, but they graded easy, so wasnt an issue,lol I believe its in the student handbook in how fast they have to grade, and if they are out of that timeframe, it is prob best to speak to ur adviser. If ur happy with ur marks though, best to let it slide and complain at the end. I think a few Profs do these online classes simply for the $$$$$, they dont have much interaction with the class....and they have many classes going at 1 time....all about the $$ and not really instructing. good luck
  15. Flames9_RN

    CPR BLS renewal

    I do the test online at America heart Association then the hands on portion in person....the AHA provides a list of names/organizations one can goto to get it done. often is a fire hall or if ur in the MD area I can pass on a name of a lady that does it in her home....