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  1. Dranger

    Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

    As a bedside MICU RN I have at least a baseline proficiency with everything you copied and pasted. It's not secret knowledge and most of the disease states you listed I deal with on and a day to day basis with physicians expecting me to have a firm physiologic understanding of while taking care of their patients. A general surgeon is not going to remember everything he learned in an ICU rotation. I remember asking one of the younger docs questions about vasopressor and antibiotics coverage post op and contraindications associated with certain antibiotics (with present comorbidities) and he stopped me and laughed while saying, "Dude I just cut you probably have a better grasp of those details than I do." In all honesty he was probably being modest but it really makes sense from his perspective. He is highly trained and proficient in being an attending general surgeon, just because he had an ICU rotation doesn't mean he will retain everything. Physicians also work off of learned experience, do you honestly think an attending will remember everything from his STEP exams? No. Yeah patient's go to the SICU but there is also usually an intensivist and other consultants working on the same patient. Do you know how hospitals work? I agree NPs should not replace physicians and the NP education system needs a lot of overhaul but you need to think things through before you post.
  2. Dranger

    Nurse Practitioner Restrictions

    The northwest has no restrictions so this concept of supervised or controlled practice is foreign to me.
  3. Dranger

    Funniest, Weirdest, Most Unusual Baby Names

    Arrogance....no lie
  4. Dranger

    ETOH? (definition & discussions)

    I am all too skilled with managing alcohol withdrawal.....it's sad lol
  5. Dranger

    How Are You Easing Your First Day Jitters?

    You need to just chill, if school is freaking you out this much work will kill you. School is the time to learn and grow while work is game time.
  6. Dranger

    The Army's On Its Way

    AD has the fun at BOLC....reserves does not. I have my own opinions on the validity of AMEDD BOLC but that is neither here nor there lol
  7. 12 no contest, I picked nursing so I didn't have to go to work everyday...unless they are giving me that overtime paper