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  1. Bringing in the Boys: How to Attract More Male Nurses

    No sense delving into a conversation where people are just going to bring emotions into the fray. The studies are blatantly skewed for an agenda, but most people either have very little knowledge of statistics or didn't bother to actually read them. ...
  2. Bringing in the Boys: How to Attract More Male Nurses

    Right, same thing for pushing women into male dominated fields.
  3. Bringing in the Boys: How to Attract More Male Nurses

    Salaries vs wages vs overall earnings Negotiation The studies I have seen are so full of holes I wonder how they even got published. I am not going to delve into this topic but it has been debunked so many times ad nauseum I grow tired of seeing it.
  4. Bringing in the Boys: How to Attract More Male Nurses

    I am a male nurse, there should be NO artificial push to get men into nursing just as there should be NO artificial push to get women into STEM fields. This diversity/inclusiveness BS is getting out of hand. I cringe every time I see that we "need" m...
  5. Walmart cashiers wearing gloves?

    Literally something that will never be on my radar...ever. I just want my 2am chips and guac.
  6. Pay

    I would take 40 an hour if they expect me to sit in my office and play video games all lol...
  7. CCNE Releases New Standards

    My school had ACEN before CCNE. From my anecdotal experience, CCNE accreditation is preferred. I suspect that if CCNE pushes this ACEN will need to bend the knee. If they don't they will unequivocally be seen as a second rate accreditation (similar t...
  8. Question: Has anyone ever had a trans patient who didn't have at least anxiety, depression, bipolar or PTSD in their health history? Are the two related? Chicken before the egg kind of thing? Or does the difficulty of being trans cause the aforementi...
  9. What's Your Longest Lasting PIV?

    The 3-4 days things is a myth, I have never seen any actual evidence that it benefits a patient to rotate IV sites unless there is infiltration or obvious infection. 40 days is bit long though and I would question why someone would need IV access fo...
  10. Is it possible for a nurse to become a doctor?

    Interestingly enough, there is a PA to DO bridge program Accelerated Physician Assistant Pathway - LECOM Education System
  11. Is it possible for a nurse to become a doctor?

    RN who did pre-med here. Almost none of the BSN/RN courses counted for pre-med. Just an FYI.
  12. Online FNP that doesn't feel self taught?

    I have heard of it, what's the cost?
  13. New NP pay

    While NP pay is generally terrible that job is primarily for RNs. I think they threw NP in the chance they get a moron to apply. 25-40 in Cali for a RN is absolutely abysmal in any case.
  14. Why I would tell you to stay out of nursing

    Lol 23 year olds with comm degrees get paid 125k starting in Seattle when they work for Amazon/Expedia/Google. Nurses scrounge for 60k.....it's pretty much a joke. At least here.
  15. Thinking of giving up FNP program

    Honestly, for that low of a salary in Cali I rather have a job that is cookie cutter without much autonomy. Why have all the responsibility and scut work without decent pay? NPs wanting 100% autonomy for 135k a year (peanuts in urban parts of Cali)? ...

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