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  1. krisiepoo

    Texas Board of Nursing-discrepancy- help need advice!!!!!!

    The school mispelled her name and it's her fault that how the school spelled it doesn't match the legal documents? My name is commonly mispelled, should I go change all my legal documents to reflect that? I guess your "truth" is different than mine
  2. krisiepoo

    Texas Board of Nursing-discrepancy- help need advice!!!!!!

    She just got accepted into a program and she's waited too long to fix it right away? Good lord why can't people be nice here. OP - I'd give it a couple days and follow up with the school and see if they've been able to get a hold of anyone and what the progress is. I'm sorry this happened to you
  3. Make yourself invaluable to the nurses and nurses aides. Answer every call light, bust your butt, do your assignments away from the nurses station (ie, DO NOT sit at their computers). Don't hover, spend time with the patients as they can be lonely and will be happier to have someone to talk to. The more you show you're willing to do, the more the nurses will bring you in to show you. Also, the busier you are the less your instructor can see you to pick you out (I used that tactic for a particular instructor, worked like a charm, I was the only one she never berated because I was always in a room). Also, show confidence even if you dno't have it right now. I was one of the only students in my cohort that was never fired from a patient because I exuded confidence but was never afraid to say "I don't know, but let me find out". Also, enjoy this time...
  4. krisiepoo

    Nursing school is making me fat

    When I was in school, I had the same issue. I wrote out a 4 week menu and rotated. I did shopping every 2 weeks (I had clinicals on weekends) and made/prepped meals for the week ahead. AS a previous poster noted, weight control is 80/20, with 80 being nutrition so get a plan that works for you
  5. krisiepoo

    Denver Nurses pay

    Nurses with 2 years experience are starting at $27 in CO Springs... I'm sure denver is close to that... Supply and demand
  6. krisiepoo

    New Graduate Nurse

    There are a ton of threads on this topic, do a search for maybe some more info. Unfortunately, there is no nursing shortage so new grads finding jobs is difficult. I graduated almost 2 years ago and moved out of the area to get my job experience... turns out I really like where I moved so am staying ehre longer :) win/win
  7. krisiepoo

    New Grad in LTC - Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

    You and your supervisor contacted the MD, what else did the DON want you to do? I would possibly ask that if he mentions the watching you comment again. Get more clarification and don't sign anything until you have that clarification Noone can tell you what to do. If you generally like your job then I'd stay. The grass is not always greener
  8. krisiepoo

    What kind of a job did you have while in nursing school?

    I worked 40+ hours/week at a desk job... saved up PTO and used it for clinicals
  9. krisiepoo

    Avoiding patients hitting on you

    You're very likely going to get hit on and you're going to have to find a way, your own way, to deal with it. You're young so you will probably get A LOT of practice, LOL... learn to keep good boundaries, learn how to act like a professional, don't give any openings, don't respond in any ambiguous ways... be blunt a purity ring won't likely make a bit of difference, but if it gives you confidence then that's great
  10. krisiepoo

    What can you tolerate the least?

    This is odd for me coming from a psych background, but I just can't deal with borderline patients or patients with borderline traits. Not enough nurses/aides know how to deal with the "splitting" that they do with staff and it drives me batty. I try to warn them/tell them what will happen but they're so medically focused that they don't get it... luckily some of my charges get it
  11. krisiepoo

    How well do you deal with vomit

    I didn't deal well with vomit before becoming a nurse. In 4 months of nursing, I'm starting to become less bothered by it. Last night a patient vomited in the sink and I had the distinct pleasure of cleaning the chunks out to drain the sink. In the past, I would have likely needed a good upchuck ofmy own for this, but I managed quite well if I do say so myself, LOL I think, for the most part, people don't just vomit for no reason. They're post-op, on narcs, GI issues (outside of poisoning/viruses), etc...
  12. krisiepoo

    Do you find your previous degree was of any help in nursing

    they didn't so much look at my previous *degree* but how I used that, ie my experience. I was a social work case manager and worked in the medical field helping disabled individuals be successful in the least restrictive environment. My new director was very interested in how my case management experience would impact my nursing practice, it was a big topic of discussion during my first interview.
  13. krisiepoo

    What is the nurse-patient ratio where you work?

    4:1 except we have 2 non-tele pods and those can be 6:1 at night if the population isn't too heavy I should add that this is only our unit... we have 3 floors on the hospital and I don't know how other units operate
  14. You make an awful lot of sweeping generalities about new grad nurses... Perhaps you need to look within your self and your own biases before writing a post like this. Just because you couldn't start in a hospital doesn't mean the entire new grad population can't.
  15. krisiepoo

    Bedside rounding in-front of patients

    We do bedside reporting but I always give a brief synopsis prior to going in. At the bedside I can introduce their new nurse and point out IV's, dressings, settings on machines, how much O2, etc. Sometimes things all run together after a 12 hour shift with little things. I include the patient in the report and always ask them if there is anything they want to add or anything I've forgotten. Sometimes I have and it's great to include the patient. I think it helps with continuity of care, too. We have single/private rooms though so that might make a difference.