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  1. chicagoboy

    Took NCLEX 9 times, passed 10th time 265 questions!

    Check your inbox.
  2. chicagoboy

    HESI Comprehensive Review for Nclex-rn

    A friend would like to know what your thoughts, opinion about this book. It seems a great book, straight forward and gives you HINTS. Thanks for your time.
  3. chicagoboy

    ER or Trauma Nurse

    Thanks for a quick response. In your facility, is it mandatory for ER nurse to take Trauma classes? Thank You.
  4. chicagoboy

    ER or Trauma Nurse

    For those who work in the Emergency department, when a trauma level patient arrives, who usually takes care - ER nurse or Trauma nurse? Just curious here, thanks for any input.
  5. chicagoboy

    Whats in your clinical bag???

    Yup Hemostat is very important as well as scissors, stethoscope, penlight and black pen. I would have thought that BP cuffs would be in all room by the wall above the patient's head. Students were not allowed to use dinamap machines during my clinical days. Also a small note book to write down stuff to ask our clinical instructor.
  6. chicagoboy

    Lessons Learned During Our First Semester Of Clinicals

    I also took noticed with '''#11 Don't let negative experiences with other staff get in the way of you caring for your patient- some of the best teachers are those who teach you what NOT to do.'' Had a few incidence and took it by heart at first but learn to think of it as a challenge to work even harder.
  7. chicagoboy

    PTT vs PT/INR

    At our hospital where i work, patient is on heparin and when there is an order for discharge, they would start weaning off heparin and start coumadin to home.
  8. chicagoboy

    Where is everyone from in the world?

    Born in the Philippines, came to Chicago at the age of 10 and has been living here since.
  9. chicagoboy

    What to do if the time frame to take the NCLEX has expired?

    Same thing happened to me. Illinois has 3 years limit to pass the exam. I will be taking the refresher course as required by IL BON
  10. chicagoboy

    NA Student

    Congrats Zach! I remember when i was in the CNA program which was a required prerequisite for the RN program. Every thing was new, so many things to learn and information to absorbed. Was able to work as a CNA for the first semester in the RN program but had to quit due to the demand of the program. I like ''This is where my future starts'' This is certainly true!
  11. chicagoboy

    MEd-surg course for NCLEX repeater

    I think you need to talk to the DON of the school you graduated from since i am not aware of any Med/Surg review course for non-RNs. They may need to make some arrangement for you to ''sit in'' Med/Surg class.
  12. chicagoboy

    took nevada nclex 3 times now taking california nclex

    @prnstat1 I just looked at the website (amsn.org) and i think the 2 day course you are talking about are for RN who wants to be certified as Medical Surgical Nurse (AMSRN). You need to be an RN with Med/Surg experience to take this exam
  13. chicagoboy

    2nd time failed in NCLEX RN &BON ILLINOIS RULE 60-10

    Wow, quiet an investigative reporter there eh, RNsRWe. Just happens I missed JustBeachyNurse post since i have not open my computer and spend time on it, LIKE you maybe who has nothing better to do with your life than TRYING to make other people miserable....LOL...Well better try next time....It is nobody's business what my likes or dislikes. You probably have a sad, pathetic life and bully people you meet! You need to stop that! Nursing is caring and your judgmental attitude is not a positive quality of YOU. I hope you are not from Illinois, because if God forbid I or my family/friends get sick, I would not want you to be my nurse. Try to be nice, it does not take much effort and you probably gain a friend or two....Try it! PS> by the way, the location and profile pics you've seen are FAKE....LOL....Take care.
  14. chicagoboy

    2nd time failed in NCLEX RN &BON ILLINOIS RULE 60-10

    hi, we can email to each other if you like...my email is g.gonzales0509@gmail.com
  15. chicagoboy

    2nd time failed in NCLEX RN &BON ILLINOIS RULE 60-10

    No, you would just be wasting your money since by IL law, one has to pass the test within 3 years from the last exam. That's what happened to me and the fee for both IL BON and testing center are NON-REFUNDABLE! Went to my school and talked to the DON and was told i have to go back to school. Was totally depressed! There are no refresher course in IL as well. Trust me i did my research! Florida has one though. It is not until i came to this forum that EACH STATE HAS DIFFERENT RULES/LAWS and that i could still take the exam ''outside'' IL. I choose NY since they have unlimited. One girl here who is same situation as you and me is taking the WI boards (also unlimited she said). So i hope i gave you an answer. There is still hope for us, so do not be despair! By the way are you also Filipino? Feel free to contact me....
  16. chicagoboy

    Mental Health Question

    My prof told us never to ask Why questions because it can be defensive to some psych patient plus it's non therapeutic. I go for C also.