Where can I find Kaplan Decision Tree?


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Or you can rent the book. Many places online like amazon and textbookx.com rent the books out.


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OP, I sent you a PM with information on how to find the publications you seek. Amazon is your friend!


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Per the TOS of this website, we can't "reveal" such information.

However, if you go to a Barnes and Noble/Nobel and go to the Nursing section, the Kaplan books about the NCLEX-RN will give you sufficient information about The Decision Tree. If you believe the Tree is a be-all, end-all for the NCLEX-RN, you will be sadly mistaken. It is rather a strategy that works for all higher-level (above passing level) questions and even then it does not feel like the "secret weapon" Kaplan totes it as. It works for many Kaplan NCLEX-RN questions - but I question its validity on the actual board exam.