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Cardiac intermediate care
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CHESCCRP specializes in Cardiac intermediate care.

Looking forward to becoming a great nurse and using the skills I already have to help my patients via prevention and behavior change.

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    Basic Safety Skills test

    Perform hand hygiene. Ask patients about allergies or medicine reactions before you give the medication. Wear gloves. Make sure the patient is never in any danger of falling. Remember side rails. Go over the rights of medication out loud...in fact, narrate your actions out loud. If your school includes the right to refuse as a medication right, make sure to give the patient the right to refuse the medication. We just had a skills exam at my school, and these are the most common mistakes that our class made. Good luck!

    Preceptor Advice...

    It looks like you have already answered this for yourself. Go with OR!

    Just got my acceptance letter!!

    Congratulations, and I hope your journey is enlightening and filled with optimism. Good luck with school!
  4. I am sorry you got stuck with such a lousy professor. You can complain to administration all you want after the class is over, but it looks like you're stuck with her for now. Don't waste your limited study time complaining about the professor, because things probably won't change this semester. Use that time to absorb as much material as possible. Try going to this professor's office hours to see if she might be willing to help you after you specifically ask for her help. Set up a study group with your other students, and try your best to teach each other the material. If there is another professor, ask that one for help. I know it's not the answer you want to hear, but that's the way it is. Nursing school isn't just about being taught, it's about learning how to learn, and in some cases, how to teach yourself something. Please don't take this as me being mean; I have a professor who is like that this semester. Heck, we would be lucky if she lectured to us, but it is an online class, and she doesn't. Study groups are how we are teaching ourselves these things, and how we are coping with this class. I'm also a first semester student, so I'm just dealing with it as it comes and plotting my revenge via my course evaluation. Best of luck to you, keep your chin up, and ask for help from your classmates. Maybe even somebody in one of the upper classes might be able to help you.

    Rejected from ASU post-bacc nursing program, need some advice?

    Are you referring to Arizona State University? I agree with hiddencatRN, take some science courses at a community college to raise your GPA and make you a more viable candidate. CC courses are not as expensive as university courses, and are good to raise your GPA because they are typically 4 and 5 unit courses. If you have already taken these courses before, you should have a good basis for making As the second time around. You didn't state your prerequisite GPA, so retaking those prereq courses would be a good place to start if you are looking to retake courses. You may want to volunteer in healthcare, get your fingerprint card, and other non-academic things that should help your application profile. Have you considered a traditional BSN program? The pace may be better suited for you to have any kind of a life with your husband. I applied to, and was rejected from, an accelerated master's entry to the practice of nursing program, but was accepted my first time applying to a traditional BSN program. I'm very grateful for my rejection, because I feel that I am absorbing the material so much more than I would have had I been accepted to and enrolled in the MEPN program.

    Pharm Flash Cards?


    Pharm Flash Cards?

    Do a search on allnurses for ATI flash cards. They have been posted in the past.
  8. Contact other schools' bookstores. The University of Arizona has textbook bundles (e-only) that you can buy. I don't know if you need to be a current student, but I don't go there.

    A pleasant dream

    Last night, I had a dream that I opened my mail to find a notice that I had passed the NCLEX. I'm taking this as a good sign, and will use this in my positive vibes visualization of my goals. Anyone else ever had a similar dream?

    What area of nursing works well for a mom?

    Have you looked at research nursing? Though you don't get to use as many of the hands-on skills that you would in an acute care facility, there is research done in both hospital and office settings. I was in research for a long time, and my hours were 7-4 or 8-5, which us quite family friendly.

    Going back as a senior student...not excited

    Don't let your senioritis get you down. Good luck with your last year!

    Anyone Out There Taking Chemistry?

    Practice the problems at the end of the chapter. Make sure you know how the terms and concepts are linked. Try explaining chemistry concepts to a willing person, which will help it sink in to your brain. I don't know what level of chemistry you are taking, but make sure you figure out how to balance equations and calculate molecular masses of the products of the equations. Google Khan Academy for some good videos. Best of luck and happy studying!

    What are "vasoactive drips"?

    Wow, that was fascinating! I am a student about to start my first semester, but I used to do cardiology research. That site is supremely helpful, and I will know to reference it if I pursue ICU nursing. Thank you for sharing!

    When Do You Start Fall Semester?

    August 27th, at Northern Arizona University.
  15. To add to all the good advice from above, don't sleep with doctors, either. Your fellow nurses will totally lose respect for you, and you won't be taken seriously as a professional. This was not my experience, but it was the case with a nurse in my workplace. She came to be known as the nurse who wanted to be a "Dr. Mrs.," even though sleeping around wasn't going to get her there.

    GPA just not good enough

    OP, does your school accept students based only on grades and test scores? My undergrad GPA was a 3.57, my prereq GPA was a 3.7, my Kaplan composite was 89, but I also have 9 years experience in the medical field, have lots of volunteer experience, and had great recommendations from health care providers. I was rejected from one school's accelerated program, but accepted into a traditional BSN program, which was better considering I have a family. Good luck with getting into the program that is right for you!