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SE_BSN_RN has 8 years experience as a BSN and specializes in LTC, Agency, HHC.

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  1. SE_BSN_RN

    UC Denver CNM program

    Thanks klone. I figured that would be the case. I might wait a little longer then to apply, as I can't even get into L&D or MB, even with extra CEU's and certs.
  2. SE_BSN_RN

    The SECRET to passing the NCLEX

    And you've GOT to remember.....the writers of the NCLEX assume you already have the knowledge to pass. After all, you DID pass nursing school....it's not about WHAT you know, it's about figuring out what the question is asking. So many people fail because they answered the question with what they think is the correct answer, only to find out they were wrong. Know your distracters, keywords, and prioritize! Think ABC's and Maslow's. (If there's an answer that includes airway, that is probably the right answer). Sure, the test is hard. And stressful. But, the good thing is....one time taking it could also be your last time! If it's not, it's not the end of the world. I know some NP's that didn't pass their exam on the first try. Keep at it, and think happy thoughts. Remember to breathe, eat a good breakfast (or lunch) and use your time wisely. Take your breaks even if you don't think you need to take them. And most of all....good luck. If I can do it, YOU can do it!
  3. SE_BSN_RN

    UC Denver CNM program

    I want to apply next year. Any pros/cons? How is the job market for CNM's as opposed to the job market for new BSN's?
  4. Apply anyway. Go in, and give them your resume. My first job was in LTC, and I went in to get an application, the DON asked me if I wanted to interview while I was there. You never know!
  5. SE_BSN_RN

    Deaf nurse will start ER program soon

    Wow! Congrats to you! My OB nurse was deaf. I didn't know until she told me. :)
  6. I spent 6 years in LTC, my first job out of LPN school. IMHO, EVERY new grad should do at LEAST a year in LTC. I didn't have a vent patient until I went to HHC, but we did have IV therapy, trach's, gtubes, wound vacs, fresh post ops, psych patients, etc. etc. I once had a resident cut off his gtube with a butter knife at the lunch table. The doc was kinda shocked when I called to tell him, LOL. My classmates would laugh at the nurses in the hospital when they would complain about their heavy load of 6 patients. With 15-20 on the unit.....give me the 2 hour window, I'll have your meds passed with time to spare. Most nurses in acute care couldn't survive the nursing home.
  7. I'm not so sure about this! "Nursing job outside the hospital = Licensed Nursing Pay + Licensed Nursing Experience" I have 8 years LPN experience, and 4 months as a RN. While LPN's are also "licensed" it is not the experience people are looking for. It has to be RN experience. Unless I am doing something totally wrong.....and my HHC company pays crappy I'd get better pay in acute care. Significantly more! But I keep the job because of my seniority. And as much as I'd like to specialize, I can't even get hired in med/surg because of the "one year experience required".....and that year means RN.
  8. SE_BSN_RN

    Internal Candidates only do you apply anyway

    If you already work there, you ARE an internal candidate. Apply!
  9. SE_BSN_RN

    New Graduate in Colorado

    If you need a job, start in LTC. Don't count it out because of what you hear. Some experience is better than none.
  10. SE_BSN_RN

    Nursing Home or No?

    Take it. LTC experience is better than no experience. I think all new grads should start out in LTC. (I did it for 6 years). At least that way, the hospitals will know that you have experience taking care of more than one patient.
  11. SE_BSN_RN

    Finding a job in Denver, CO as a new graduate!

    Don't move here until you have a job.....it is a very tough market out here. You could try Medical Center of Aurora, they hire new grads. But unless you have RN experience already, your choices are extremely limited.
  12. SE_BSN_RN

    New grad RN and home health/assisted living job offer. Take it?

    Agree with both posters above. Take what comes first, don't wait!
  13. SE_BSN_RN

    Relocating to Colorado from Texas

    Depends on where you want to work. I don't know about CO Springs, but Denver area hospitals won't hire new grads unless you have RN experience. If you have done a LPN-RN or RN-BSN program there aren't many that will hire you. The job market is extremely hard to get into, unless you know someone. Definitely make sure you can live off of one income for a long time!
  14. SE_BSN_RN

    Ranting on the New Grads

    I was going to say exactly this! So tired of seeing "experienced" nurses come and whine about new grads voicing frustrations. Some of us new grads are not new nurses. But we still can't find a good quality job. There is no nursing shortage, and too many companies want experience. Kinda hard to get if you can't get the job.
  15. SE_BSN_RN

    Advice for New Grads

    Ha. Pray. That's all you can do. I am a new RN, not a new nurse. I've been applying for hospital jobs since before graduation. They all want at least 6 months acute care experience. Good luck.
  16. SE_BSN_RN

    Practicing "nursing" w/o a license...?

    In my PCP's office, they have all MA's. The only nurse they had was a NP who left to work closer to her home. When I go in to see my PCP, he says "the nurse will____". It's annoying, yes, and occasionally, I remind him "I am an nurse, they aren't." It is easier to say nurse than assistant, especially with the high rate of elderly seen in his clinic. I would hope that all advice she gives is ran by the MD first. Is it wrong? Probably. In many states "nurse" is a protected title. But, OTOH, it may just be easier to address her as such, rather than cause confusion. Do I agree? No. I worked hard for my RN. I'd put in a call to the BON and leave it at that.

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