What's your go to outfit after work?

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I work nights , so usually sweats or pjs


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My boyfriends big oversized sweat pants and one of his big tshirts. Only complete after a long hot shower and a glass of wine.


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I love being in my knee length nightie. I hate wearing pants. So its either a short gown or tshirt. No undies!

ok, that's just WAY TMI! :D

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Yoga pants, a tank top, t-shirt, or sweat shirt depending on the temperature.Gotta stay decent to walk the dog!

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Whatever I feel like sleeping in. I usually don't get "done" with my night until I get home, pick up the dog, take her to day care, and then get home again. And since I don't sleep in much, it's safer for everybody involved if I just stay in scrubs for that last errand before I hit the sheets.


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I work nights and if no one is home then I'm going nude. I sleep quite well then.


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Eileen Fisher. It's as comfortable as sweats while making me feel as if I'm a stylin' granny.

And I'm old and can afford it.

Well--I can afford it when it's on clearance or eBay or in the local thrift shops.


I work from home.... all pajamas .. all the time.

Except for a wedding or a funeral.... I see no reason to ever wear a bra again.


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Leather chaps and spurs.

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I see no reason to ever wear a bra again.
I wear sports bras when at work. My two 'girls' feel tortured by 12 hours in an underwire bra.
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I work night shift, get off work at 6:30am and am usually in bed by 9:00am. My go-to outfit after work is my birthday suit, a.k.a. stark naked. I take a shower, read, have some breakfast, watch some TV and go to sleep.

I should mention that I'm single and live alone, so no kiddos or roommates are around to see my birthday suit.

So now every time we read your posts we have to assume you are sitting there stark naked!

Now that I have to wear dress clothes every day I change immediately into a few pairs of intensely worn scrub pants borrowed from the hospital years ago.

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amen, flannel jammies!

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