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BostonFNP has 9 years experience as a APRN and specializes in Adult Internal Medicine.

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  1. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    And the solution begins?
  2. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    How does this end? At least we now have an answer from leadership: it will end some time, disappear.
  3. Sure it does. But isolated protests pale in comparison to a fully opened state that bypassed even the WH recommended phasing where wife swaths of people refuse basic infection control. I know you are smart and can be objective. Look at the data, it’s irrefutable.
  4. Nearly all of the hotspots are in early opening states. There is no correlation with protest states.
  5. That is incorrect on many fronts. First of all, 8% of those with confirmed COVID die. That’s with having ICU support. Second, please stop giving dangerous medical advice that has zero support in literature. It’s against the TOS.
  6. Again, as you’ve been told before, these experts make recommendations to those who have the power to legislate/enact change. The fault lies squarely on those that do have that power.
  7. There is a big difference between the consensus of intelligent, educated, experienced, career experts in viral Infectious Disease using a evidence to make recommendations and you and what you are posting, which is dangerous drivel. Please don’t kid yourself.
  8. If “freedom-loving” states want to disregard federal phased reopening plans perhaps those states should be free to pickup the cost for COVID admissions.
  9. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    Article II, Section 2. You are implying that the Senate executed their Constitutional responsibility and simply refused to confirm the nominee, but that it not what happened, they refused to even execute that process. There is a difference there.
  10. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    And just because something is not your experience it doesn't mean it isn't real.
  11. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    Save for when one branch starts refusing to answer to the other branches...
  12. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    It's not rational (nor is your statement), that's my point.
  13. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    If you want to make that leap, then then you have to make it on the other side too, that they were fighting radical Fascism, which has be responsible for quite a few deaths as well.
  14. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    Incorrect. There are 3,565,476 cases total but only 1,740,955 have had an outcome so far. There are 1,601,508 that have recovered and 139,447 that have died. That is 8% case fatality rate. WOW!! Texans are pretty fragile huh?
  15. BostonFNP

    How Does This End?

    My two cents based on where we currently stand now: I think that basic infection control precautions (washing hands, reasonable social distancing, wearing facial coverings when unable to distance, avoiding unnecessary high density enclosed spaces) are here to stay for awhile. They are reasonable and effective and they help reduce more than just COVID. I think we need to get kids back to school and some degree of normalcy (youth sports, social interactions, etc), taking care when we can to practice basic infection control. Worship services (church, temple, mosque, etc) are very important to some peoples' lives. They are a calculated risk but that also can be mitigated with some basic infection control precautions, and I think we need to get people back to services as quickly as possible. As healthcare providers, the most important thing we can do is translate the best evidence based practices to the lay public, and to speak out against pseudoscience and partisian lies with our patients, our families, or friends, and social media/internet.

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