What's your go to outfit after work?

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Cut off sweat pants, huge comfy t-shirt. No bra, no socks/shoes. Since it's cooler out now, if I have to go to the store I wear a hoodie and still no bra. Once it comes off, it stays off. :yes:


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Recently I'm working 16 hour days multiple times a week, so after work I shower then go to sleep. On my "usual" days I either stay in my scrubs until bed, or change into sweatpants and a hoodie. With my normal 3-11 schedule I'm usually up til like 3am doing housework or something while hubby sleeps.


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I wear sports bras when at work. My two 'girls' feel tortured by 12 hours in an underwire bra.

I wear an underwire bra ALL the time (ok except during showering and sex...)

I even sleep in my underwire bra!

To channel Kramer from Seinfeld....my girls need a home! :D

To answer the OP....I usually throw on a t shirt, denim skirt, and flip flops when I get home. I always wear hose to work, so it is a relief to peel those off after a long night!

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