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hiphopRN has 3+ years experience and specializes in Psychiatric Nursing.

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  1. hiphopRN

    Patient Population?

    I work with adults (18+) of all diagnoses. However, our unit ends up getting a much higher percentage of psychotic and trauma patients than other diagnoses. When I first went into psych I wanted to be far away from psychotic disorders, now I can't get enough! I love all my patients, but like someone else said the axis II patients are definitely a challenge.
  2. hiphopRN

    No visiting hours?

    Our psych hospital has extremely limited visiting hours. 7p-8p M-F, 2p-4p Sa-Su and holidays. In certain cases we allow additional visits outside of visiting hours, but only in special cases. We also only allow outside food during the visit, we cannot store or allow the patients to keep outside food with them in the hospital.
  3. hiphopRN

    Charge Nurse Pay

    I get $1/hr since I'm a designated Charge, but when people fill in and in the year I did it before getting "promoted" I got nada.
  4. hiphopRN

    Did You Go Into Nursing For One Specialty?

    When I started nursing school with my psych degree, I was obviously interested in heading that way. But I was also not naive to the job market. I applied to my current employer but did not get a call or interview. So I looked elsewhere. I worked med/surg while I was waiting for something else to open up. You can know what you want to do but you just might not get it right away.
  5. hiphopRN

    Giving versus taking...lol

    I've been told several times that I give pain-free injections...and I've had looooots of practice. And recently with doing blood draws at the clinic I've been volunteering at, I've been told they barely feel it when I stick them. I must have a way with needles. :)
  6. We have our vending machines with chips, cookies, sodas and juice. I don't think I could do without them. We just got new kitchen staff which changed up our menu to more healthy options. I like having the options, but they close at 6pm. So if I'm running around with admissions or codes at the start of my shift I might not be able to get down there. Also, when I'm stressed there is nothing I want more than a sip of an ice cold soda. I think its a taste/texture thing for me.
  7. hiphopRN

    What's your go to outfit after work?

    Recently I'm working 16 hour days multiple times a week, so after work I shower then go to sleep. On my "usual" days I either stay in my scrubs until bed, or change into sweatpants and a hoodie. With my normal 3-11 schedule I'm usually up til like 3am doing housework or something while hubby sleeps.
  8. hiphopRN

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location: Baltimore, MD Area Pay rate: $26.05 base +$3 for evenings +$1 for Charge = $30.05/hr In which area / specialty do you work? Psychiatric What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN since 2011 What type of degree and/or certification do you have? ASN, will complete BSN in Dec 2014 How many years of experience do you have? 3.5 yrs Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? Full Time What shift do you work? Evenings (3-11pm) Do you receive any shift differential? $3 for evenings, an additional $1 for nights and additional $1.5 for weekends. Are you a manager or supervisor? Charge Nurse and per diem Shift Supervisor
  9. hiphopRN

    To lock or not to lock the rooms

    For us we can only lock doors if it was part of their treatment plan. The most common instances we use this for are med paneled patients that have been seen cheeking or spitting out medications. We lock their doors after they receive medications for ~30min or however long is dictated in the treatment plan. Very rarely do we lock for not participating, and that is only after they've been with us a few weeks and that is still only after we write it into the treatment plan.
  10. hiphopRN

    What's your Myers-Briggs personality type?

    Back in the day I was always an INFP, now I have slowly changed over to an ISFJ. ISFJ - psych
  11. hiphopRN

    B52 cocktail

    We've done 10-2-50 before but not 10-4-50. That sounds wonderful.
  12. hiphopRN

    What's in your pockets?

    If I have cargo pants on like I usually do then its: Right upper pocket: Unit Cell phone, at least 1 pen, unit keys Right lower pocket: More pens (I usually have between 2 and 4 with me all the time) Left upper pocket: meds while I walk back from the pyxis, otherwise usually empty Left lower pocket: gloves (so many gloves!) and usually a couple pieces of scrap paper Then on my lanyard along with my badge I have a small flashlight, chapstick, and the CPR mask work gave me.
  13. hiphopRN

    B52 cocktail

    I do think Geodon is pretty effective, we usually do Geodon and Ativan though. We hate when the docs order Zyprexa IM most of the time because for the majority of our patients it doesn't ever phase them. I also tend to like the B52 better for emergencies because it can be torture waiting for the Geodon or Zyprexa to dilute. Also like others stated, we usually mix the Haldol and Ativan and then give the Benadryl separate.
  14. hiphopRN

    is it nurse's week?

    So far we've never gotten gifts, but there are food events planned each day this week. They do a raffle as well so some people win things but the rest of us just get free food. Oh, and we usually get a potted plant/flower too. We have a new clinical director this year, so not sure if that will change things.
  15. hiphopRN

    padded isolation

    My coworkers and I have talked about this recently and are requesting one for our new facility. If not for every unit at least for ours. We get the more aggressive patients, the self injurious patients, and the screamers so it would work well for us. For those that like to punch walls and all provided alternatives do not work, at least they could punch these walls and not cause as much harm. It would also help keep the other patients from being disrupted by all the screaming if it could help dampen some of the noise.
  16. hiphopRN

    Important development

    Yes there are risks to all medications but like Mandychelle79 said once you see people that are driven to attempt suicide because of the voices or their deep depression you see that they meds can be helpful. Not everyone that comes to an inpatient psych facility will need medications, but once you see someone clear up from their psychosis or have them tell you they are no longer thinking of committing suicide, it can be the best feeling in the world. For many people that doesn't happen without medications. And for those medications with possible serious side effects we make sure they are aware, monitor closely and note any changes. I always try to inform my patients of any possible risks from the medications so that they can participate in their treatment. If a patient feels strongly about not taking medications, we counsel them about their options and how to deal with their symptoms without medications.

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