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hiphopRN has 3+ years experience and specializes in Psychiatric Nursing.

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  1. hiphopRN

    Patient Population?

    I work with adults (18+) of all diagnoses. However, our unit ends up getting a much higher percentage of psychotic and trauma patients than other diagnoses. When I first went into psych I wanted to be far away from psychotic disorders, now I can't ge...
  2. hiphopRN

    No visiting hours?

    Our psych hospital has extremely limited visiting hours. 7p-8p M-F, 2p-4p Sa-Su and holidays. In certain cases we allow additional visits outside of visiting hours, but only in special cases. We also only allow outside food during the visit, we canno...
  3. hiphopRN

    Did You Go Into Nursing For One Specialty?

    When I started nursing school with my psych degree, I was obviously interested in heading that way. But I was also not naive to the job market. I applied to my current employer but did not get a call or interview. So I looked elsewhere. I worked med/...
  4. hiphopRN

    Giving versus

    I've been told several times that I give pain-free injections...and I've had looooots of practice. And recently with doing blood draws at the clinic I've been volunteering at, I've been told they barely feel it when I stick them. I must have a way wi...
  5. We have our vending machines with chips, cookies, sodas and juice. I don't think I could do without them. We just got new kitchen staff which changed up our menu to more healthy options. I like having the options, but they close at 6pm. So if I'm run...
  6. hiphopRN

    What's your go to outfit after work?

    Recently I'm working 16 hour days multiple times a week, so after work I shower then go to sleep. On my "usual" days I either stay in my scrubs until bed, or change into sweatpants and a hoodie. With my normal 3-11 schedule I'm usually up til like 3a...
  7. hiphopRN

    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location: Baltimore, MD Area Pay rate: $26.05 base +$3 for evenings +$1 for Charge = $30.05/hr In which area / specialty do you work? Psychiatric What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN since 2011 What type of degree and/or certif...
  8. hiphopRN

    To lock or not to lock the rooms

    For us we can only lock doors if it was part of their treatment plan. The most common instances we use this for are med paneled patients that have been seen cheeking or spitting out medications. We lock their doors after they receive medications for ...
  9. hiphopRN

    is it nurse's week?

    So far we've never gotten gifts, but there are food events planned each day this week. They do a raffle as well so some people win things but the rest of us just get free food. Oh, and we usually get a potted plant/flower too. We have a new clinical ...
  10. hiphopRN

    padded isolation

    My coworkers and I have talked about this recently and are requesting one for our new facility. If not for every unit at least for ours. We get the more aggressive patients, the self injurious patients, and the screamers so it would work well for us....
  11. hiphopRN

    Important development

    Yes there are risks to all medications but like Mandychelle79 said once you see people that are driven to attempt suicide because of the voices or their deep depression you see that they meds can be helpful. Not everyone that comes to an inpatient ps...
  12. hiphopRN

    IM meds question

    Our facility recently went to this policy as well. When I first started we had standing PRN IMs to be given in emergency situations, but now we have to call during each emergency situation to get IMs. We are able to have the attending put IMs "on hol...
  13. This. We try to keep it empty in case we need it for an emergency, but since we have all double rooms, we frequently offer it for patients to use when they are getting overwhelmed by the activity in the lounge and want some time completely by themse...
  14. hiphopRN

    What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    BS (psychology) 21 AS Nursing 24 And I will finish my BSN in Dec at 28 Then do my MSN hopefully before 35
  15. hiphopRN

    UMMC OR Fellowship

    Does anyone have any information about this program? I saw it posted on their website a couple days ago and it seems like a good deal. I'm just wondering if it's hard to get into, is it paid, and if there are any down sides anyone knows of. I'll b...