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Psychiatric Nursing

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    Nursing Salary Survey 2014

    Geographic location: Baltimore, MD Area Pay rate: $26.05 base +$3 for evenings +$1 for Charge = $30.05/hr In which area / specialty do you work? Psychiatric What type of license do you have (RN or LPN)? RN since 2011 What type of degree and/or certification do you have? ASN, will complete BSN in Dec 2014 How many years of experience do you have? 3.5 yrs Are you full-time, part-time, or casual / per diem / PRN status? Full Time What shift do you work? Evenings (3-11pm) Do you receive any shift differential? $3 for evenings, an additional $1 for nights and additional $1.5 for weekends. Are you a manager or supervisor? Charge Nurse and per diem Shift Supervisor
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    UMMC OR Fellowship

    Does anyone have any information about this program? I saw it posted on their website a couple days ago and it seems like a good deal. I'm just wondering if it's hard to get into, is it paid, and if there are any down sides anyone knows of. I'll be graduating in May and it sounds like an awesome program to get into from what I read in the job description. Thanks!
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    CCBC Anyone?

    I'm in the on ground RN program and am graduating in may. In our third semester we had some students join us from the LPN to RN program. I am not sure if they have an online option. But I do know that once you get accepted you take a class during the summer and then join for the next two semesters. After you take the summer class you could probably switch to online for the next two semesters. I often hear about students switching back and forth from online to on ground. Good luck everyone.
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    What do you wish you were told on the first day?

    My view on it is that I do have to worry about it when its someone in my clinical group that consistently shows up late EVERY SINGLE CLINICAL and puts more work on us because of her lateness. Lateness because she wouldn't get up early enough to take her daughter to the babysitter and then got stuck in traffic. If you're getting stuck in traffic at the same time each day for 2 semesters then LEAVE EARLIER! After 2 semesters of constantly being late to class and clinical because she can't get her life in order and thinks that her issues are more important than the rest of us, you do get a bit of anger and annoyance toward that person.
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    pct/nurse tech wages

    Just wanted to update my post since I've learned more about the job. I'll be getting to learn and do phlebotomy, EKGs, start IVs, along with the daily patient care and normal tech duties.
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    pct/nurse tech wages

    I just got hired in Baltimore as a Nursing Student/PCT at almost 14.75/hr. With only 1 year of my 2 year program finished. I guess it really depends on where you're living.
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    What do you wish you were told on the first day?

    1. Go to a bookstore and look through the NCLEX books they have. Find one that works for you with its format and layout. Preferably one that has rationales for right and wrong answers so you can understand why something is right or wrong. Don't just buy an NCLEX book because someone else says its the best. Buy one (or two) that work for you and the way you learn. 2. DO PRACTICE QUESTIONS. ALL THE TIME. EVERYDAY. Doing NCLEX style questions is the only way you will learn how to answer them. Some teachers even use practice books to help them write their exam questions. Not copying from the book but the format or idea of the question. 3. The only person that will get you through the program is yourself. You can work with study groups and things but in the end it all comes down to how well you understand and process the information thats been given to you. If you don't understand something, ASK. Don't be afraid to meet with instructors or other students if it will help YOU learn it better. 4. The instructors are there to help you. But if you get one instructor mad at you, you often end up with many of them mad at you. Be nice to the instructors and they will be nice to you. 5. If you need scholarships or are going for a super competitive internship then maybe you might need a higher GPA, but usually just make sure you get that 75 or whatever the benchmark is you need and be happy about it. The GPA won't matter once you pass the NCLEX, just make sure your low GPA doesn't mean you don't know the information well enough to pass.
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    Anyone Applied for Fall 2010 at CCBC

    Just wanted to say a quick congrats to everyone that got in to CCBC!! I just finished my second semester in the Catonsville Day program. I hope you guys have fun with Fundamentals and don't get too intimidated or fall behind too much. As a class we've decided Fundamentals is like boot camp...once you make it through you should have the right study habits and other abilities to get through the rest of the program. Good Luck!!
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    School Poll

    1. How many schools did you apply to? 2 2. Which school was your number one choice? CCBC-Cationsville 3. Where were you accepted? Yes 4. Which school did you end up going to? I just started at CCBC in August. It's a blast! Also, to honeydippeaches, I noticed you mentioned Coppin, and I just wanted to point out if you didn't know that they were below the Maryland passing requirement for the second year, and are on conditional approval from the BON. I don't know how that will affect the applications if their scores don't get better in the coming year. Just FYI. Good luck on applying, I had the same dilemma of an associates or going for a second Bachelor's, but I am loving CCBC Catonsville, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.